A extremely stuffy house that smells like old and dead people. YOu hve to pay to be looked at there in a coffin. Normally it is not lighted very well, and there are many creepy men in tuxedo's walking around like they are so very sad. It is the place where they keep dead bodies and clean them up. Normally it is carpeted and silent, only to be disturbed by the frequent nose blowing on the scented tissues placed all around.

A creepy place...
"DUDE! There is a funeral home across the street! I can smell it from here!"
by wefredlinkin July 1, 2008
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Who did it? Is the first question you might be wondering if you ever find yourself in this situation. But in reality it IS the baby who did it. Not only the shit, but the murder. Now lots of baby’s go to funeral homes. From sacrifices to suffocation, theirs a lotta ways for the baby’s to get there. But what you wouldn’t expect is a baby getting stuck in a corpse, and taking a shit. Essentially, baby shit in a funeral home can be taken 2 ways. 1.) gunnar. 2.) a series of murders and/or deaths that lead to a baby taking a large dump in a funeral home
Baby shit in a funeral home is bad
by BIG Dong 12” July 1, 2019
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When you bang a dead person in a coffin on a frozen lake.
I wanna do something crazy this weekend. Let’s drive up north and perform a Minnesota Funeral Home.
by Hail Steven January 7, 2021
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The weird enjoyment of looking forward to funeral home visitations.Old people especially men get off on the hugging and flowers.The offender will attend visitations where he doesn't even know the dead. He will lurk like a lone wolf.
Guess we can't go to dinner tonight...myhusband is searching the obituaries for a funeral homing.
by Hootie J November 7, 2021
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