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I couldn’t care less (but one must keep up appearances, right?)
Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
by November 05, 2018
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Actually, in Canada you can drive at 16 and drink at 19! Ontario is Canada's largest province by population, 12 million+. I also is home to the nation's largest city, Toronto, with a population of roughly 3 million. Toronto is also home to the world's tallest structure, the CN Tower at about 1 800 feet.
Ontario place, I'm goin' again!
by Jordan January 21, 2004
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The mega province of Canada. Population 12 million+ with a population density of about 16.8 people per sq km. Shares borders with Manitoba, Quebec, New York and Michigan. To the north is Hudson Bay and to the South is Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Ontario is the economic engine of Canada. It contains Canada's largest cities. However most of the popultion lives in South Ontario (approx. 11.6 million) and lesser to the north (approx. 400,000). But North Ontaio has its cities (Sudbury, Thunder Bay, North bay). South Ontario however is one of the most densist places in North America. With major cities like: Toronto (nation's biggest city and provincial capital), Hamilton (The most populous Hamilton), Ottawa (nation's capital), Kingston, London (For defenition of this city check London, Ontario), Windsor and Kitchner.

Ontario is highly sterotyped by the rest of Canada. But what they don't relise if it wasn't for us, there wouldn't be a Canada.

Ontario is also called an election backbone becuase it accounts for more than 30% of the votes in an Canadian Election.
Ontario... The land of everything!!
by Some1tobe June 30, 2006
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most populous province in canada, although most people live in the very southern part of the region, along the 401 corridor. ontario is very much like new york state. a mass of people live in the south, and ridicule the northern part. contains the megaplex they call toronto and the surronding GTA (greater toronto area, not the video game), with its mass of over 6 million people. also has the nat'l capital of ottawa, home to the most annoying of all hockey teams and a fan base that is unable to support CFL football. windsor and oshawa are now north america's auto capitals, since detroit went down the crapper. hamilton is the steel center and is suburbs basically now connect with the western suburbs of toronto. london is another big city too, but no one really cares about it. the rest of canada thinks the media in the country is biased toward ontario, and they're prob right. the only canadian province americans really know exists, and the place where 19-20 yr old usa kids jump the border to go to niagara falls bars.
more than 25% of canada's population lives in ontario's golden horeshoe. more than 25% of american college students pass out in niagara falls ontario hotel rooms after guzzling too much liqour they bought at bars or the LC.
by Provincial Mood December 14, 2007
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A state of physically and/or mental condition where you are at a party and became so fucked up you lose all sense of reality and end up blacking out.
"Man, do you remember the other sesh where Joseph got fucked up?"
"Yeah! He was ontario'd! Hahaha!"
by hristool December 06, 2017
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Big fish in a small pond...the locals have nothing going for them except for the fact that they're the biggest province in Canada, with Toronto the largest city in the country. But when you compare with the USA, where there's at least a dozen cities larger and cooler than T Dot (yup, those wankers actually call it that), and when you consider the fact that California has more people than Canada...being the largest province of this northern nation isn't that special after all. At least Vancouver's got decent cannabis and 4 ski resorts half an hour from downtown.

And for some reason, Ontarians also have this strange idea that their little Toronto and it's phallic CN tower can compare to New York. Don't ask me why.

Anyway, I went there once and I swear the only reason people are so rude is to pretend that they're in a hurry, like New Yorkers.
Yeah I'm under 21 and live in Buffalo...I drive over the border to Ontario when I'm need of a good beer. Nothing else to see up there though except for niagara falls...haha we've got our own, so screw them Canadians.
by Mike0006 September 04, 2006
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