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Up until 1994 it was a Mecca Of Cape Cod Tourism, but Thanks to The Massachusetts 'Section 8" plan, it now has the appeal of a Luxury vacation in Flint Michigan, Once known for its quaint shops and beaches it is now known for Shootings and Prescription drug addicts on SSI, There is lots of "so Called" Gang activity there but what it really is are posers who watch to much BET and Listen to way to many rap albums. All They Really Do is Drive down home Value and tourist Revenue along with the Values of surrounding towns such as Centerville Osterville and Marstons Mills.
I went to Hyannis Last week and 3 13 year old white kids talking black told me to hand over my Oxy contins, All they REALLY got was My aspirins!!!!
by pza97 March 13, 2011
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The ghettoist place on Cape Cod. This is where all the "gangstas" want to be from. The only fun things to do on Cape Cod in the winter are all in hyannis.
Yo g, im so hard i live in the ghetto of cape cod bitch. Yeah im poor i only live in a $150,000 apartment in downtown hyannis. Yeah im packing some major heat dawg this swiss army knife is so dangerous.
by P.C.C March 02, 2006
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This is a place where there are NO hoods,ghettos,thugs(real),or anything of that sort. Just some white trash and drrug addicts.If you don't have alot of money and are on section 8,then you might think your hood.This is a vacation place full of gays,artists,fisherman,and normal everday people.The kind of place where thugs from real hoods come to relax and could just take over and smack people up at will and NOTHING will happen.
Hyannis is a nice place to visit and play mini-golf with your family then have some ice cream.
by BeanTownBreezy August 01, 2009
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Hyannis-In Hytown we stay HIGH!
Everyone in this town knows or knows of Anthony Russ. This town is full of teen blacks tryna be hustlas, mainly chillin at "Da Block" tryna get that paper.Chillin at the mall. Goin to mainstreet. Gettin low at Pufferbellies.Instigatin fights and gettin in fights. And chuggin that Hen is what hyannis is about! We kno how ta do it up in HYTOWN!
by Dont Worrie May 07, 2005
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A person who resides in Cape Cod with an abnormally high anus. Also referred to as a Botox-Badonkadonk.
That blonde woman from Cape Cod had a Hyannis.
by Lizzie01832 December 11, 2009
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A disgrace of a town. Filled with druggies, white trash, minority's, and pretty much every terrible type of human. You go anywhere without seeing people high off their ass, or just acting foolish. I was born there, and i wish i moved away sooner. They Might as well have a sign saying "Welcome To Hyannis, Home of Herion and Wannabe Gangsters." I moved, but i moved ti wareham, which isnt good, but its better.
Homeless Man- Hey You Got Herion?
White Trash-Got Dope?
"Gangsters"- You Got A Blunt
Tourist- The sign should have mentioned you type of people. It just said welcome to Hyannis
by JMD12345 March 29, 2017
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