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"Cow Town" a town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Small town with a bunch of bars and a school. Where everyone knows everyone and gets involved in everybodys business. No one has lives and there isn't even a cell phone tower. Popular fashion trends consist of.. flannel button up shirts, carhartt jackets, shit kickers (black rubber boots) and lots of camo print on everything. Very popular for its wide variety of hunting areas. November 15th (opening day of deer season) is the most important day of the year according to anyone who lives there. One of the main sources of employment is owning a farm. Population consists of mostly Finish, French, French Canadian, Polish, German, etc. Everyone has a accent. Gander Mountian is generally a favorite store to shop at, not Hollister or Abercrombie. Famous bumper sticker in the area quotes "Say ya to da U.P. eh?". Pretty much the most bad ass town in da whole United States der eh?
Tommy: "Hey der got any of dem deer lately in Chatham eh?"

Dominque: "Yo dawg what are you trying to say yo?"

Tommy: "Sorry der eh, dat's just dat der U.P. accent der of mine eh."

Dominque: "Whatever man, peace yo."
by Appleipad1 January 12, 2011
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