The sniffy behaviour employed by a snob. Behaving in a superior fashion to others on account of their perceived (or actual) status in relationship to one's own.
Toff: 'Look at those oiks, they are wearing poor shoes, how ghastly, ugh, wide berth Timothy, wide berth...'
Oik: 'See they uppity nigguhz? Nevah done a day's work nevah. Heh - they all book-lurned n'shit. That's snobbery right there *hokspit*'
by honkydoreen June 25, 2015
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Thinking you're better than other people because you're working class, have a regional accent, don't use big words, read tabloid papers, or for other reasons which are opposite to those which would be involved in "snobbery" in the usual sense.
The argument that people who live in "rough" areas are the only ones who "know" about crime and that everyone else should shut up is just an example of inverse snobbery.
by Andy May 2, 2004
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The practice of distrusting or disliking those of a perceived higher social class than oneself. Therefore, a hick who hates rich people would be a reverse snob.
A hillbilly just spit on that kid with the D&G sunglasses! Reverse snobbery in action!
by DJ Silly Hat July 29, 2008
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When colleges don't want to accept credits from another college because they don't believe the other school is good enough, when what they really want, is just your money to take their courses.
I applied to A fancy college after going to a state college and they would only accept 19 of 80 credits due to academic snobbery.
by pigdawg September 22, 2013
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An egocentric disorder peculiar to Italian Americans. Obviously their food is tastier; their cars are faster and nobody can run a bookie joint better than a member of the Woppery Snobbery order.
Paulsy: Who in the hell cares if I put cottage cheese in my lasagna? The Italians think they invented food preparation and shit; they've all got freakin' Woppery Snobbery.
by PokerBroker December 17, 2010
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a blind, often aggressive belief in what one's textbook says, in violation of the facts. Derived from the military term "combat snobbery."
French kid: My textbook said capitalism is evil!
Smart kid: And that's why those who live in socialist countries are so poor and unhappy?
French kid: ... but it said Americans are evil!
Smart kid: You seem to suffer from textbook snobbery, sir.
by Blazko March 10, 2008
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"chronological snobbery," the uncritical assumption that her mother is hotter, whether or not this fact has been discredited. You must find why it has been discredited. Was it ever refuted (and if so by whom, where, and how conclusively) or did this opinion merely die away as fashions do? If the latter, this tells us nothing about its truth or falsehood of her hotness relative to her mom.
Bro 1:"Dude, her mom is a cougar, so much hotter. MILF."
Bro 2: "You need to get over your chronological snobbery."
by catholic chuckster July 6, 2010
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