Medway, Massachusetts. Sometimes referred to as cowtown or deadway. 97% white. Population around 14,000 and located southwest of Boston. There are cows, horses, and like, 2 black people. Typical family has 2 kids and a dog. Moms drive honda pilots and volvos.

Past times of teens include getting wasted at the "hippie fields" during the summer, but the cops finally caught on so that's over. On any given half-day during the year you will find swarms of middle schoolers hanging out at "the plaza". The ugg wearing teeny boppers love getting caramel frapps from starbucks while their boyfriends who sometimes think they're ghetto or something loiter outside of McDonalds (meanwhile horses roam in the distance)

Kids complain about the lack of raging parties, so they are forced to get drunk with 10 other people in a basement and then smoke large amounts of weed.

People are not stuck up like nearby Medfield, but not scummy like Bellingham. Rival Holliston is pretty much the exact same place as Medway but with a better football team.

The high school is brand new, and there's even a friggin bank in the lobby. Why? No one knows.

Oh, and there's Szechuan Garden, which is fuckin awesome!
"dude last night was so crazy, i almost thought my mom saw me steal that mike's hard from the fridge!! shittin my pants over here man"

"Hey I'm from medway!!!"
"medfield? arent you like sick at lax?"
"wtf no its medWAY!!!!!!"
"what is medway?"
by LuckyNumber77 December 18, 2012
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Area in Kent. Predominantley working class but there are also a fair amount of middle class people there too. Some areas should be avoided like the plague but areas like Cobham are pleasant to be in.
Person 1- Hello, my good friend, how are you today?
Person 2- Greetings. Lovely weather we've been having in Medway today, isn't it?
Person 3- Mate, are you faacking starting on me, blud? I'll shank ya one, innit?
by Ellie96 January 26, 2011
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A small town in Massachusetts that no one have ever heard of. It contains woods and houses that are spread apart. The kids their hang out at starmarket and mcdonalds. The kids there are not tough and they are spoiled. Midgets run the streets.It's the suburbs.
"Hey where are you from?'
by poonjab7 May 3, 2007
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Suburb in Ma. No one really has heard of it unless they live in Holliston or Franklin(nearby towns... you only would have searched this if you live there). half days mean white girls at starbucks and anyone else and mcdonalds. 97.5% white with under 20,000 people
"hey listen up(Medway People"
"*dabs*(Medway kids)"
by CollinW.dabber September 19, 2017
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A small town in the middle of nowhere. On half days with nice weather, sworms of irresponsible middle schoolers walk to the plaza where white girls go to Starbucks while their boyfriends are at mcdonalds. Medway kids are not stuck up, but idiotic. These kids have renamed their town spedway after all if the speds in it.Most people are unaware of Medway, unless they have connections. Medway has a few places to visit such as a feild with cows, or a small car wash (I didn’t say they were fun places) So that explains the highlights of the unknown town.
Person-Where do you live
Medway kid-Medway
Medway kid-Spedway
Person-Ohhh I know what you mean now
by medwaykid_cooldude January 3, 2018
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also known as Spedway. little town in the middle of freakn nowhere, MA. tradition is to have a bombscare in either the middle school or the highschool once a year. in either 2003 or 2004 someone set the dumpster on fire. all the kids think it's wicked ghetto...

P.S. it's not.
"dude, i live in medway."
by soosieQ June 24, 2007
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Unlike regular swag, Medway Swag includes rednecks, hicks, muddy lifted trucks, burn outs, country music, tan lines, rugby, going for a smoke in Weldon, leaving farm animals in your school, and driving your tractor to school.
After smoking up the entire student parking lot doing a burn out with a lifted muddy truck, one might say "dat Medway swag doe!"
by MedwayHS June 21, 2014
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