A leader, a listener, a dreamer, a friend. The funniest, smartest, most caring person you'll ever come across. She is gentle yet fierce. Quiet yet loud. When you first meet her, you'll instantly become drawn to her. She has the most contagious laugh that can light up a whole room. She is always ready to help and be there for you. She loves food so much and is always down to try new things. She is incredibly unique and has the biggest brain ever. If you ever need someone to cheer you up, NJ is the person to go to, she never fails to amaze anyone. If you have a NJ in your life, you better keep her, she is the best of the best.
I’m her a biggest fan, she’s amazing! She is most definitely an NJ.
by lactoseintolerant99 February 17, 2020
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Short way of writing Namjoon (RM from BTS)

BigHit abbreviates BTS' names when there are subtitles...
JK: Namjoon dad, I like your hair.
NJ: Thanks Kookie, your mom Jin likes it too!

J: I think it is really nice Namjoon.
JM: Get a room you lovebirds!
JK: Jimin, let's go to our room and leave them here.
JM: Ok!
S: NO! Jimin come to my room!

JK: NO! My room!
NJ: Guys, you all stay, we both will leave.
J: Ok let's go Joonie
V: NO! My room! Namjoon, go break something...Me and Jin will be in MY room
NJ: Oh, okay,

*NJ Bumps into a table and glass falls on the floor and breaks*

V: I wasn't serious...
NJ: it was an accident... ):
The end. You're welcome ARMY (;
by Ariana Army February 10, 2019
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No Job. When you strike out on the BJ (Blow Job) and HJ (Hand Job)
I was easily gonna get a BJ but I got way too baked, got the spins and got the NJ.
by k3N70n September 12, 2006
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an Nj is a nose job. This can also be referred to as a rhinoplasty.
Haley went to go get an NJ the other day because she wanted a new Nose!
by da nj June 12, 2009
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Nj means Nigga Juice or liqiur

think gin and juice / rum and coke

Jamal what u drinkin.
Jamal: Nj
by kow_heman March 7, 2005
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