Short way of writing Namjoon (RM from BTS)

BigHit abbreviates BTS' names when there are subtitles...
JK: Namjoon dad, I like your hair.
NJ: Thanks Kookie, your mom Jin likes it too!

J: I think it is really nice Namjoon.
JM: Get a room you lovebirds!
JK: Jimin, let's go to our room and leave them here.
JM: Ok!
S: NO! Jimin come to my room!

JK: NO! My room!
NJ: Guys, you all stay, we both will leave.
J: Ok let's go Joonie
V: NO! My room! Namjoon, go break something...Me and Jin will be in MY room
NJ: Oh, okay,

*NJ Bumps into a table and glass falls on the floor and breaks*

V: I wasn't serious...
NJ: it was an accident... ):
The end. You're welcome ARMY (;
by Ariana Army February 10, 2019
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No Job. When you strike out on the BJ (Blow Job) and HJ (Hand Job)
I was easily gonna get a BJ but I got way too baked, got the spins and got the NJ.
by k3N70n September 11, 2006
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an Nj is a nose job. This can also be referred to as a rhinoplasty.
Haley went to go get an NJ the other day because she wanted a new Nose!
by da nj June 12, 2009
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Nj means Nigga Juice or liqiur

think gin and juice / rum and coke

Jamal what u drinkin.
Jamal: Nj
by kow_heman March 07, 2005
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