Not a real word. It's "at least". They're two different bloody words. The type of people who write 'atleast' are the same delinquents who write 'alot' 'abit' 'alittle' etc.
Correct: At least I paid attention in English class.
False: Atleast I paid attention in English class.
by Lunarclaw January 28, 2016
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Not a real word, much in the same way that to day and to morrow are not real words.
James: I can't understand what you are saying, the English language must remain the same, as it always has!
Chad: Okay buddy, atleast I'm not a prescriptionist
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at the lowest estimate or figure
The repairs will cost atleast $100.
by Janice Cocco October 17, 2006
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Can we please just make this a goddamn word already! I mean Jesus Christ! I mean Jesus, Mary, AND Joseph Christ, like, you don’t even wanna know how many times this damn iPad autocorrected me when writing atleast (did it again..) in the Word Bar...
Well atleast after you type it more than once, the damn technology finally allows you to type it...
Oh fuck.. or should I say, at. Least. It can recognize it...
by SuperiorSteve64 November 5, 2019
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Did you see that new stripper at the club? She had a tight little atleast
by Little spoon December 21, 2018
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This phrase is used to combat the very popular phrase "That's what she said".

Using it states that whatever "she" said was not said to him.
Boy#1:Oh my god, it's huge!
Boy#2:That's what she said
Boy#1:Not to you atleast
by WordMaster101 November 14, 2010
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