CCHS, or Cramlington Community High School, is a school found in the north-east of England. Strangely enough, it is in a town called Cramlington. It is a multi-cultural school, accepting a diverse mix of Chav’s, Emo’s, Scene Kids and Barbie’s. There is much tension among these groups, with at least one argument per lesson between them. There are two sides- the Chav’s and the Barbie’s, and the Emo’s and the Scene Kids. Conflict is inevitable.
Teachers at CCHS are unable to control there classes, unless they are a Head of Population, all of which are quite intimidating. Some teachers are able to control small classes, however when the number of students breaches 20, control is lost. This is mainly because of the Chav’s short attention span, and are often compared to chimps by English teachers. When a Chav at CCHS loses interest, common side effects include:
-Shouting across the room “How man! (some unintelligent nickname here) Yu comin’ oot the night?”
-The throwing of paper and writing implements across the classroom.
-Hurling several unintelligible insults at the teacher and Emo’s/ Scene Kids.
-Humming the theme tune to some Stephen Spielberg film, typically Jaws.
-Shouting “Sir/Miss! A divvent ger it!” when they haven’t attempted to do any work set.
-Spreading rumours that clearly are not true, just for fun and attention. Half the time they don’t know who they’re talking about.
A typical CCHS Male Chav has thick hair on the top, but shaved at the sides, giving off the impression of someone who just lost control of the razor rather than looking “fit” and “mint as”. They walk poker- straight with their hands tucked into their pockets. If the Male Chav is surrounded by Female Chav’s and possibly one other chubby Male Chav, he gets classified as “camp”. The most commonly noticed Male Camp Chav has earned the nickname of “Gaymien” by all non-Chav’s/Barbie’s. No insult intended to any gay’s- the Gaymien is an insult to everyone.
Males surrounded by more Male Chav’s are just classified as “Chav’s”. Chav’s in Year Nine and below are called “hardcore radgies”.
Female Chav’s look a lot like the Males. They have greasy hair that gets tied in a low ponytail without the assistance of a H**r Br*sh (apologies- Female Chav’s are allergic to this phrase). Most come to school wearing tracksuit pants and their jumper that hasn’t been washed since they got it. Most look like they have been hit by a bus three times and have never recovered. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple.
Barbie’s, quite simply, look like Barbie dolls. They wear more makeup than Jodie Marsh, whom most aspire to be like- others simply wish to work as mothers. A chisel and a wallpaper stripper is often needed to remove this makeup, although it would be best to just not wear it, as the ominous orange glow is blinding to those who get too close. Barbie’s chew gum constantly, opening their mouths as wide as a hippos so everyone can see their teeth marks in their “chud”.

Cramlington High School is split in to several blocks- A Block, B Block, D Block, P.E, Sixth Form, Music and Drama, Social Block, the Discovery Zone, A Hall and B Hall. B Block, the dullest part of the school, is prone to graffiti in toilets and people running to hide in at lunch times, and succeeding for five minutes before being chucked out by the member of staff on duty.
A Block is most common for Barbie’s to go and apply another layer of make-up.
Social is prone to Chav’s and Barbie’s sitting around gossiping about who shagged who, what rumours to start spreading, who they think is a mess, who is a “propa fkin bitch man” and other mindless chatter.
CCHS is often noticed for the hovering smog from cigarettes around the premises, and the echo of DJ music, meaningless to anyone who hears it. However, these people are quickly shifted out on to Vocational Studies trips whenever OFSTED come to rate the school, thus gaining it high marks for teaching in small classes.
The Head Teacher of CCHS is one Mr Wyse, known only for sitting in his office eating doughnuts and getting little Year Nines who are on Student Reception to fetch his meals at lunch time. He rarely ventures out of his office, but when he does, it is either when it is quiet outside, or when he is surrounded by important- looking men. He is also famous for successfully being able to put a whole hall full of students to sleep during one of his All-Important-Speeches that are completely irrelevant to the students. He, obviously, is all fun, fun, fun.
"Headteacher? Get a picture!"
"Look at those chav's starting on the Scene's!"
"How man!"
"Sir/Miss! A divvent ger it!"
"Look at the Emo's from CCHS!"
by Slightly Worried May 9, 2008
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Cathedral Catholic High School. Located in Del Mar. Mostly white people or Mexicans that look like white people. Small percentage of the students are Asian or African American.

i'm reaching the point in my life where i've realized that establishments are not passive things that just let you go on your way. The recent drug busts, uniform crackdown, and the announcement today which implied explicitly that the administrators posses a blacklist, along with the possibly embellished record of theft, have led me to recognize that cathedral catholic highschool is not a catholic-christian community, but a sort of oligarchal facism.

I. Complaints against and Interpretation of School Policies
I for one, do not think i am getting the education my parents spend their hard earned money each year on, and i believe it is either time for me, and all of us to choose. Either I will keep on passively attending a school that wants to change everything about me, conform me until they can eventually stick biased ideas into their graduates who will then unknowingly apply these ideas for the rest of their lives. this is called brainwashing. the school touts catholic social justice, and will expel anyone who has an abortion, but our uniforms are controlled by ONE single store, which manufactures its products in El Salvador. The one redeeming quality is that they give steady jobs to many salvadorans, even though much of el salvador is controlled by violent gangs and corrupt politicians. VERY SUSCPICIOUS, not to mention that limiting the apparel to one store constitutes a monopoly. No other forms of khaki pants or polo shirts are tolerated. In some circles, this would be called corrupt, but since it is a policy of a private school they overlook it.
Another flagrant abuse in my opinion is the abortion/pregnancy policy. While it is possible to remain at the school as a pregnant teenager, if you have an abortion you will be instantly expelled. It is my belief that this policy developed out of the traditional teachings of catholicism: marry young, and have lots of children. Having seen no examples of this policy enacted during my stay at cathedral, I would assume that the policy was enacted during the early years of uni to protect the early marriages that were common during that era for catholics. However, since the decision is made by an administrative committee, it is entirely up to the school whether a pregnant young woman can continue to recieve an education at cathedral. Pregnant or not pregnant, this policy reveals the innate contempt that we as students are held in by the school. The morality the school enforces is highly political, and many of the more "liberal" teachers and students have to hold their tounges.
The final and most glaring policy in the handbook is what i like to call
"the oppression rule". this rule dictates that "any activity considered to be detrimental to the school or community" is grounds for expulsion. Theoretically, this gives a committee of administrators the power to expel any student, at any time, for any reason they vote by majority to be detrimental. I could be expelled for writing this.

II. Progressive education or Regression in general?
Here are a few things you have probably heard promoted during your cathedral years:
-The seminary
-The military
-Opus Dei (Indirectly)
-Intelligent Design (in Biology or Religion)
Believe it or not, you've heard all these. If you've watched channel one, you've been exposed to heavy military propaganda and biased new coverage. If you've taken religion, you've been sold the religious life. Ever heard of Steubenville? World Youth Day? Both tied to Opus Dei. Did you ever discuss intelligent design? Not an accident. Teachers are encouraged to bring it up, in the hope that it will be succesfully sold through the debate process, which is carefully moderated. Or perhaps you watched a video on it in religion class. All I can say is: don't take what you hear for granted.
Cathedral Catholic prides itself as a blue-ribbon "liberal arts" education experience. However, you will note that there are only a handful of art classes, (luckily another will be added next year.)
The only computer course is AP Computer Science, which will probably be taken out of the curriculum as of next year, due to Mr. Bennik's departure.
Which brings me to the next point: Teachers.
Cathedral has a wide range of teachers, some good, some not so good. Regardless, this year at the new campus I have seen more examples of teacher - administration conflict than I have ever seen previously. Various teachers have reported being monitored by the administration or pressured by the administration, even going so far as to come into their class and disrupt their lesson plan to check on them in a very unkind manner. More teachers are leaving than ever before. Recently , a department meeting was held, and the adminstration responded by warning all those present that they were not allowed to meet under those circumstances and possibly threatened to lay them off. This is possibly due to the fear of some kind of unionizing, since many catholic schools and parishes remain averse to unions even with papal encyclicals dating back to the 19th century establishing the right to unionize.
I applaud this year's ASB for taking a stand. It's hard to stand up to an administration capable of expelling or giving detentions to anyone, for any reason. Is it a coincidence that this administration crackdown came right after the recent ASB survey, which called for greater action by the ASB to step in and give students some power. Once again, I applaud the ASB, but it is simply impossible for them to fight against a school where a referral (which can be given for anything from simple disrespect or smoking a cigarrette near school) invalidates them permanently from ASB service.
Is the school broadening our minds, or focusing them in on propaganda and selective learning? You decide, but my opinion is the school has finally overstepped the line they have toed for so long.

III. Resolution
It is time for us, the students, to stand up and shout our demands at the school. We never see any action being taken to return CCHS to the students who attend it. It is time to take that action. Untuck your shirt. Grow out your hair. Forget to shave. Girls, roll up that skirt, let everyone see your beautiful legs. Wear scarfs and undershirts and stockings and high heels. Sag your pants low. Kick off your shoes and wave your smelly toes at everyone. Be happy, be free, and let the people know that we're not gonna take it, we're ready to rumble for the true vision of Christ: freedom, equality and fraternity for all people, self-expression, charity, and the beauty of humanity. I ask that if you support this cause, repost this with your initials under mine. Spread the word! Viva la revolucion!"
CCHS vs. Saints: the Holy War of this century.
by Unknown Anonymous May 26, 2006
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Cathedral is the most rockin' high school ever... NOT. Quite frankly the uniforms suck and so do most of the people but there are a few fantabulous ones. CCHS is also filled with druggies, but only the stupid ones get caught.
Student 1: Hey have you met the new kid at CCHS?
Student 2: No...
Student 1: Haha he's a total druggie
by CCHS student 2014 May 7, 2011
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A school in San Diego otherwise refferd to as Cathedral Catholic High School filled with the most faggy guys and ugly slutty preppy girls. All in which wish they went to OLP or Saints. In order to go there u MUST not be able to say the alphabet and cannot spend a day without spending more than $1,000 on "Daddy's credit card"
Damn that girl has a stick so far up her ass she must be from CCHS.

Look at that CCHS guy, can u say frat boy!!!

Wow that girl obviously is soo far out of my league there is nooo way she goes to CCHS, probally OLP.

WOW! What a shock that CCHS lost to Saints again must suck to be beat for the last 80 years.
by The girl next store August 24, 2008
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Christopher Columbus High School a school in miami where the kids eat shit all day and learn from some of the coolest teachers and we hate the Belen fags.
mr.delgado taught us world history and shit about chicks in CCHS
by Mike February 9, 2005
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School in Miami that is more fucking awesome than Belen...I dont recall Belen making top 50 High Schools in Miami do I? We arent fucking fags like the Belen guys. If they think we all suck than they can kiss our asses.
CCHS is hands hands down best school in Miami.
by Mike April 25, 2005
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School in Miami, FL known as being the talent pool for Mcdonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, and Pepe's Botanica in the greater Miami area. If you want your son to read at a third grade level at 18 years old, this school is for you.
Bro, like Columbus can't beat Belen in sports bro.
by El rey del genero May 3, 2005
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