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Garth: WHOA!! WHOA!! I'M GONNA HURL!! (pause) Whoo, chunkage contained...
by Mike January 19, 2004
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im sorry to say madame the results we took from your flange swabs you have scrot rot! we do have a cream to treat it tho!
by Mike January 6, 2004
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A game in which the object is to make the members of the opposing side cry. In an on-going effort to stop nature's selection it's now illegal.
I put little suzie in a wheel chair after that game of dogeball.
by Mike October 22, 2003
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A straight bit of pavement used for Drag Racing. The actual race distance is one quarter mile from starting line to finish line, then sometimes over a half a mile after the fininsh line (called the stopping area). These strips can be found as the home to Top Fuel Dragsters and Top Fuel Funny Cars with over six thousand horsepower
The U.S. Nationals can be found at the Drag Strip at Indinapolis Raceway Park.
by Mike February 3, 2005
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Used extensively in the Ottawa Valley by "hicks" when they are talking about snowmobiling.
Meaning: Must give it all you got, step on it, lets fuckin get it going.
Alright man , lets giver pig
by Mike October 20, 2004
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L337 for Marzipan, 1.) A European desert filling made from Hazlenuts and 2.) Homestar's hippy Girlfriend... (In that form it is only used to indicate homestars girlfriend...)
Strongbad put steaks in M4Rz1P4Ns halloween bag...
by Mike December 16, 2003
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hyper-active (sexually) and little
i dont want you pulling an aline on me.
by Mike October 1, 2004
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