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TDK, an acronym of "Typical Dick Kev." Used as a noun.
Sigh.... well that was a TDK.
by Mike April 12, 2005
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A TV network all about technology, hence the name TechTV. In my opinion the best thing EVER on TV! It has been purchased by Comcast who have now merged it with their network G4. Now it is called G4TechTV. The network is now all about games and technology. Comcast cancelled the feed of this internationally; sign the petition to get it back at www.savetech.tk if you will no longer get it!
Did you watch The Screen Savers on TechTV last night?

No, I couldn’t have it is gone :'( but I saw it on G4TechTV
by Mike June 19, 2004
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American band formed in 1973 in New York during the birth of punk and having a major impact on punk, new wave and alternative music with their first album titled "Marquee Moon" in 1977. Their sound was based around minimalism, and the raw sound of garage rock of the 60's, a far cry from what may be considered "punk" today. While they may be labeled a protopunk band, their influence comes in at a later date than other bands under such label.

Tom Verlaine (Guitar/Keyboard/Lead Vocals)
Richard Lloyd (Guitar)
Fred Smith (Bass Guitar)
Billy Ficca (Drums)
Television's "Marquee Moon" belongs in every rock music lovers collection.
by Mike April 24, 2007
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Snatching a piece of shit from someones ass. Usually by a gay dude, or a drunk one.
Hey you freaking terd burgler, give me back my shit!
by Mike January 1, 2004
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Steve will tever Rachel on the history of calderas.
by Mike September 5, 2003
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A: Hey Fool! lets go see a flick.
B: errrr Aight! Just let me ring yo mama and tell her she cant come over and lick my tezzas!
by Mike June 11, 2004
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