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An attempt by the apologists for creationism to artificially inject their metaphysical theory with scientific credibility. Intelligent design makes the "deduction" that the development of complex life on this planet was an intelligent creator, largly on the basis of argument by personal incredulity, a flawed understanding of Darwinian natural selection and fundamental misunderstandings of basic principles of thermodynamics and biology. Advocates claim natural selection/evolution (which they frequently confuse) are impossible, and often have links to other biblical-literlists that believe the earth is only 30000 years old, and other such fantasies. There is reason that the evidence would lead any impartial person to come to such conclusions; it is therefore an example of wishful thinking and by the principle of Occam's razon is a metaphysical (faith) based belief, not a scientific one. The continued deliberate obtuseness on this issue has led to fundamentalists attempting to force science teachers to present it in the classroom, and the general devaluing of science in the population of the US and other countries as a whole.
Although there is not a scrap of evidence for intelligent design, it is impossible to disprove (because god can do anything!), and hence it is a metaphysical theory.

Because natural selection is demonstrably observably occuring right now, it is a scientific theory.
by l42emmings August 12, 2005
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An apparently unprovable hypothesis that living creatures were created by an all-powerful, intelligent entity that itself did not have a creator. Contrast with evolution. ID proponents typically fail to understand 4 things:

1) Scientists use the word "theory" differently than the layperson
2) Science operates just fine in the absence of absolute truths. Thus, if evolutionary theory doesn't explain everything, that's not a problem - it's a "work in progress"
3) People are no better off substituting a slightly imperfect scientific theory for a completely unsupported religious hypothesis
4) The fact that ID cannot be disproven is a weakness, not a strength (e.g. There are 482,331 raisins orbiting Saturn right now... I defy you to prove me wrong).
If Intelligent Design is such a great alternative explanation to evolutionary theory, why aren't proponents actually USING it to advance scientific understanding? In short, they should practice what they preach... literally.
by FigurinOutLife September 23, 2005
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1. A n00bish, pseudo-science religious theory that advocates that some phenomenon are just too complicated to be explained by science alone, and therefore God, or an intelligent designer must exist.
2. Excrement.
Dude, I made such an intelligent design in the pot this morning!
by rah December 05, 2004
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1. The theory that an omniscient being plays a vital role in the workings of the universe and is the explanation of all things (including but not limited to the origins of life itself) that have not yet been fully proven.

2. A subtle way for creationists, particularly Christian extremists, to inject their religious ideas in to the public school systems and scientific community.

Although the theory of intelligent design is defended with rhetoric about how evolution is also only a theory (thusly giving right for other theories to be taught as well), one key thing is different- the implied meaning of the word theory. Evolution is not a theory. It is a scientific theory. Scientific theories are not plain "I think this is why this works" theories, they are "I think this is why this works, and here's the lowdown on how it works" theories.

Scientific theories are attempts to explain through experimentation and observation the workings of the universe, whereas intelligent design is a theory with no supplied (let alone proven) hypothesis. This is also known as speculation. Furthermore, if at any time in the future there is a supposed hypothesis for intelligent design, it would be immediately discredited due to it's superstitious roots. If all speculation were to be credited as scientifically valid, well, just take a look at the flying spaghetti monster theory.

Intelligent design has been rejected by the scientific community since the 1800's, and regardless of what our political leaders or the mass media or religious leaders (assuming they're all separate people) say, intelligent design was and always will be speculation. It is because of the loose interpretation of the word theory that intelligent design has been seen by creationists as a loophole in vocabulary, thusly (in their mind) justifying suggesting it as scientifically valid. Which it's not.

Get over it.
"String Theory" is speculation because its hypothesis has not yet been proven through demonstration.

"Set Theory" has been proven through endless mathematical examples and is practiced by pretty much everything and everyone on a daily basis.

"Theory of Evolution" has been proven through observation that if an animal does not produce offspring, its species' overall gene pool has been slightly altered. Logical deduction concludes, that over a long period of time, this 'weeding-out' of the gene pool can ultimately alter the species itself. (Also known as "Natural Selection").

"Theory of Intelligent Design" is speculation because it never did and never will offer a hypothesis. It is a clever word to mask the statement "God made you and that's that. To argue or explain God is to be against God and therefore against one's own nature. This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the government of the United States of America."
by ryan y September 14, 2005
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A whole-baked idea that the right wing is using to devalue the teachings of the theory of evolution in public schools. What this concept is devoid of is that it cannot be proved nor disproved, unlike evolution which is a theory but has evidence. Stuff that cannot be proven and has no evidence should not be taught in public schools.
Intelligent Design is a right wing conspiracy that the moral majority is using to recruit more closed and easily persuaded minds.
by mistahtom November 09, 2005
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Intelligent design is a fundamentally flawed theory.
It does not belong in a scientific debate because it cannot produce valid observational evidence.
It also does not belong in a philosophical debate because its only premise is that there are some slight flaws in evolution (and what scientific theory doesn't have flaws). From this premise it is impossible to show the existence of an intelligent designer.
Kansas has just become another state to teach intelligent design. When will they learn that America needs proper scientists to make the microwaves, bird flu vaccines, tactical nuclear weapons, and other modern home comforts they enjoy.
by Cillie November 11, 2005
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