A small town in Ohio that most people living here won't see the age of 60 because of the Dirty stinky shit filled air and a bunch of immature drunk assholes driving around at night.
If you wanna die early, be bored everyday for your whole life, sit in convenient parking lot or get drunk come to Steubenville.
by victor brian December 24, 2004
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An economically depressed town in Ohio that unwittingly became the poster child of rape culture, underage drinking, football hero worship and bystander apathy. It is a place where crimes are covered up by parents, coaches, authorities meanwhile it gets posted on twitter, facebook and youtube. Later to get hacked and exposed by Anonymous. Even though the town fails at the game of life it wins big in high school football. In this town, teenage rape victims get blamed for the crime and receive death threats by other girls. Also, women reporters covering the news have been known to be rape apologists.
Josh: Did you hear about what happened in Steubenville bro?
Jake: Yeah that town is crazy, maybe they should change the name to Stupidville.
by JoshorJake March 19, 2013
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An old steel town on the Ohio river held up solely by Franciscan University. Many speculate that it's proximity to Pittsburgh will propel its growth, but the term 'steel valley' doesn't help much. Steuby, as know by locals, has many neighborhoods - i.e. Not-so-pleasant heights, "we're getting better"-LaBelle, and the middle class neighborhoods around Harding. The city also has the greatest schools and football teams in Ohio. For fun go to Robinson, not downtown.
-whatdaya think of that Steubenville place?
-not the best but the residents there love it oddly enough.
by Zac Sike November 27, 2007
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Home of huge ass nutcrackers, crackers, polluted air, but most importantly Franciscan university
Y'all know you've traveled through Steubenville when you come out with lung cancer!
by thetigerswimmer December 9, 2019
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a small ghetto in Ohio along the Ohio river.
a "money" town filled with crack heads and weed heads,and prostitutes ; city with G's and hoodstars across from Weirton WV
Aye G we going to steubenville to make some paper!!!
by Ashley girl November 28, 2006
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adding nothing of value to nowhere of any significance
He fancies himself an Instagram influencer, but he's just shitting in Steubenville
by Spunky Spunk October 13, 2019
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