a class that mormon teenagers are obligated to take all four years of high school. Having fun is a rare occassion since the class takes place before school even starts. Sometimes you'll get lucky & get a cool teacher. Other years, you'll be border-line suicidal due to that teacher's pyschotic behavior.
Zack: "I hate seminary unless the teacher brought donuts."
Ciara: "Word."
by xavierisnotmyname August 24, 2010
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the absolute WORST place imaginable. basically, dads drag their families halfway across the country to this place, so that they can "honor their father and mother" and "support their fathers." this place causes all normal teenagers of the fathers to become hostile and angry..... cjildren may become suicidal and crazed to the point where they say "eff this shiz!" in conclusion, who CARES what it is.... just DONT EVER agree to go there if your dad gets the "great" idea to pick up your lives.
"hey whats the matter with you??" "oh, nothing new. my dad decided to move us to the seminary and i am fearing for my life. i dont want to die, but i know the feeling is inevitable. what a terribleselfish father i have!!"
by tiredofthis!!! November 19, 2009
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Seminary is a fun class for both youth LDS members and non-members ages 14-18, who want to learn more about the gospel. The members are encouraged to do Seminary and this class is normally before school. Sometimes the teacher can be really fun, and they may even get off topic a lot. (Like mine for example.) However, Seminary can be a wonderful experience where you can become closer to God and feel the Spirit.
"Are you coming to Seminary tomorrow?"
"Yeah totally I wouldn't miss it, especially with our teacher!"
"Cool see you then!"
by Kelly Christine November 29, 2014
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boys who participate in an early morning class called seminary in which they act like simps for the girls. They will all actively deny their simp-ness while continuing to perform simplike behaviors.
Chad: woah did you see all those boys being a mega simp?
Analise: yeah those are my friends, they're seminary simps
by yayayeeticus March 06, 2020
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Wyoming Seminary- a prep school in Kingston, PA

One of the only two actual prep schools in the 570, along with Holy Cross

Breeds student-athletes, with the most college commits out of all other schools in the Wyoming Valley. Most students who go on from Sem will be extremely successful, as the true prep school education carries over into all walks of life.

Wrestling captures many titles every year, and the school’s baseball team comprises one of the most diverse, and overall talented groups on campus.

Sem excells in all areas- athleticism, academia, and overall stability, both mentally and physically.

The guys are studs, the girls are baddies.
“Hey doesn’t your boyfriend go to Wyoming Seminary?”

Yea he does”
“That’s why he’s so HOT and SMART”
by ladybucksfan6985 January 15, 2018
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The oldest fake prep school in northeastern Pennsylvania.
"Yeah, I went to Wyoming Seminary."
"Aw, I'm sorry you didn't attend a real prep school."
by Garrett Winthorpe January 15, 2018
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The characteristics are the following:
There are two main objectives of each and every seminary girl.
1.To get married to a nice frum YU boy who preferably spent two years at Shaalavim or KBY.
2. After getting married to one of these men she will want to have tons of babies and to raise them as frum Jews while she will be is a housewife.

In order to obtain these two objectives they must go under a radical transformation during their time in Israel. They begin by accepting everything their teachers tell them uncritically and unquestioning as the word of God. They will then begin to change externally first. They will begin to wear only skirts that cover their knees and blouses that cover their elbows, also their clothing will become much more bland and dull.

Following these changes they will begin to cut ties not only with boys, but also with any girl they knew from before, unless they too are undergoing the same change. This process also includes her very own parents. She will not dissolve this relationship, but she will most likely start criticizing her mother for not covering her hair. At this point she will also delete her facebook account and hunt down all photos that she makes an appearance and have them destroyed as well.
Seminary Girl 1 "Did you see what Chaya Esther was wearing?"
Seminary Girl 2 "Yeah, It was disgusting, her blouse only reached her elbows adn there was a picture of a goyish band on the front"
Seminary Girl 3 "But isn't this Loshon Hara?"
Seminary Girl 1 "No, because we are only doing this for her own good"
Seminary Girl 3 "How is this for her own good?"
Seminary Girl 2 "Well hopefully if enough of us start talking about it, she will become so embarrassed that she will change her ways and become a good frum Seminary Girl."
Seminary Girl 3 "What if that's not exactly whats she wants? What if she wants to go on to an Ivy League school and receive a higher education or what if she wants to be intellectually stimulated by her Torah learning?"
Seminary Girl 1 "That's not what she really wants, for we learned that we can only fulfill our divine mission by having lots of babies and therefore the only way we can be fulfilled is by getting married to a nice frum boy who goes to Yeshiva University"
Seminary Girl 2 "It appears that we might have to do a similar intervention for you!"
Seminary Girl 3 "No please don't, I can change, I can become an ignorant frum Jewish housewife also."
by Institute for Jewish Women December 06, 2010
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