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A super rich Catholic school where there are actually super nice people and super big bitches but they're all rich. Population: 1500 and you can defintely find a friend.

Asian Tree: The huge tree in the middle of the quad where everyone who is a freak/ and/or Asian can find their soul mate.

Grassy Knoll: The Grass Place where candidates for upcoming elections give speeches, kids eat lunch, ASB sells pizza.

Sports Teams: Wins EVERYTHING!!!

Biggest Rivals: Saints, the all boys gay ass shit school in fucking shit North Park where bums live, everyone at this school is a fucking kook/prick and if they're not, they've transfered to Cathedral. Saints is gay AS FUCK
I'm going to Cathedral Catholic High School, the best school in San Diego. I'm rich, and I know it.
by CCHS playa March 18, 2012
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