Eww. General girls who have knobs growing out of their foreheads.
by Timbucktoodleloo October 14, 2008
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The most loyal group of Pewdiepie supporters in existence. If T-series passes, these will be the last survivors to fend for their king.
Bob: Hey, you part of the nine year old army
Joe: What's that?
Bob: Pewdiepie's most loyal subscribers.
Joe: Sign me up!

Grade 4 teacher: Shut up and listen.
by lmao111111111112 April 8, 2019
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something to call someone who's is worldly but still immature. Originated with the Doctor Who fandom, calling the Doctor one. He knows a vast amount of information on the universe, but still is young at heart, and has a tendency to be immature.
DW fan 1: Did you see that part where he made the angel say "comfy chairs"?
DW fan 2: Oh yeah, what a cosmic nine year old

Yeah, I mean he's nice and smart and whatever, but he's still not grown up, he's just a cosmic nine year old
by lastofthehappyfolk June 21, 2011
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A little piece a garbage that constantly screams into his mic and usually plays minecraft or call of duty black opps 3, also someone that older gamers troll to make viewers laugh.
Troller: *makes kid fall in lava on minecraft*
Raging nine year old: *earsplitting scream*
by DerpyCheezit September 21, 2017
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A nine year old that breaks the sound barrier when they die in Fortnite.
Nine year old, Nine year old, here comes the Salty Nine Year Old, screams so loud, break the sound barrier, watch out! Here comes the Salty Nine Year old.
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something pewdiepie said to get more subs and it's currently working as of 12/20/18
i like kids, just nine year olds and i go to war with them
by pyoodeepai December 20, 2018
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