Jim: "Hey, you seen this explorer called Columbus?"
Tom: "who the fuck is he?"
Jim: "discovered america or some shit like that"
by J03 M4MMA February 22, 2021
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A shitty dirty city in west georgia , that smells like a fkn papermill and sewage.
by Bear3742 March 27, 2021
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A explorer who is falsely accredited for discovering the mainlands of North America, when in fact he never discovered it, and the actual first European to do so was Leif Erikson in the 10th century
"Why did we get rid of Columbus day, he still discovered America."

"Actually, he never even set foot in the mainland, Lied Erikson did."
by Historical fanatic June 19, 2021
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When white people act like they have discovered something that was already prevalent in a minority culture.
This season's runway full of Columbused trends, such as baby hairs and big booties.
by ughboots October 21, 2014
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Columbus was just someone who wanted to explore, the Indians need to become more tolerant and embrace diversity!
by NowNowNow June 5, 2021
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A city in Texas named after Columbus, Ohio. It sits roughly between Houston and San Antonio, although it is closer to Houston. All the people in this town seem to care about is the high school football team known as the Cardinals. High school football is all this town knows. Thus football players are gives free As by the school's teachers so they can play. Three members of the Schoebel family went on to play in the NFL. Although they don't really stand out and kind of suck. The town is about 5 to 10 years behind the rest of the world and are a close minded people that hate change. They have nothing to do in this small town. Other than Wal-Mart there is nothing. There are no real signs of intelligence in this town. If you come across it on I10 by all means pass by it. Stop in Sealy, TX or Wiemar, TX instead. Those are more friendly towns.
Joan: "Hey john we haven't stopped since San Antonio. I need to pee."
John: "No this is Columbus, Texas. Town of small minded racist rednecks and other assorted dumb asses. Lets continue on and we well stop at Sealy, A much better town."

Joan: "Ok I definitely don't want to be around some inbred hicks."
by Former Columbus Texan April 9, 2011
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The Indie Art Capital of the World.
I went to visit Columbus, after hearing of its booming art scene and was blown away by it.
by dazademik October 23, 2007
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