A small country in central America, located between Guatemala and Honduras. The slang term for people from this country is Guanaco. One of its main forms of income is coffee. El Salvador in English means "The Savior".
Person 1: Hey, where are you going this summer?
Person 2: I'm going to go visit my relatives in El Salvador.
by Rodzilla February 14, 2005
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one of the coolest country ever and to that anthony shithead all i have to say is "come mierda hijo de puta" they do not eat rats in this country because they are civiled they are a normal latino country of course it has the hottest people in the world.
most of my friends are from El Salvador
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1 .small contry in central america,
they even send troops to irak
3.A country people are very friendly, hard working and good for business
a country that is hated by other latin countries especially Mexico , Honduras and Guatemala , mostly due to envy because althoug its small it faster developtment and healthier economy ,has biggers ties with th US a . Pure capitalism and they earn dollars not Pesos.kick ass airport freeways and malls. has the biggest Gold reserves in the region.
30% of the population is of jewish decent not religion and many of the population have good thoughts of america.
4. The posible 52 state of the union , becuase of the high american support , the goverment whants everybody talking english by 2010 .and you see many american flags in cars buses, homes and busineses of non americans .
5.A great country to visit , with kick ass food and beaches one of the 10 best countries for surf.
6.a future developed country , where they are changin agriculture for industry and are building great freeways , schools and colleges for a bright future .
7.One of the few capitalist countries in Latin america 8.future manufaturer of BMW motorcycles for work (acording to an argentinian channel.
Were did you go this summer man/
i went to salvador , great beaches , food roads ,hotels and great tropical wheather.

Hey dude look at all those american flags in the cars , where are we Cali. ? No dude its El Salvador

Hey how much for the hamac mam? its 2 dollars senor
Cool i love this place
by jose gonzales April 19, 2006
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An off da chain country in Central America. It is the tightest place ever,and is home 2 fine beautiful women. It is also home 2 pple dat u dont wanna mess wit, but if u cool wit dem, den dey r da best homies any1 can have.
Whats the best country on earth? Fa sho its El Salvador
by Josueezi September 17, 2003
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The best country in the world and the only country where you know you will get your ass kikced if you mess with them and to that stupid ho who talked shit all I have to say is to check what you have up your ass that makes you talk shit like that.People from Mexico think that they are superior to other hispanic countries because they are right south of the border one day you get get kicked out the next you are here again and you call your self hard working bitch
That Salvadorian is going to king the gringo's ass
by Guanaca and proud March 8, 2005
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El Salvador is a small central-american country about the size of Massachusetts. With a population of around 7 million, it is crowded and dense. It borders Guatemala, to the west, Honduras, to the north and east, and the Pacific Ocean. It’s name translates to “The Savior” in English, and their national motto is “Dios, Union, Libertad”, or God, Union, Liberty. A VERY beautiful country and wonderful place for tourists! The people are awesome and the guys are HOT! ;)
Home to the most feared gang in the US, MS-13.
Person1: “Soooo. Where are we going this winter?”
Person 2: “I don’t know. I was thinking El Salvador. I hear it’s wonderful there.”
MS-13 will fuck up whoever bad-mouths their homies. So shut the fuck up and stop being racist little pricks.
^coming from a white chick and NOT a native to El Salvador or even a Latino!(but of course the natives can bash all they want ;) no complaints lol I would get pissed too :D)
by HeavenlySin May 30, 2008
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El Salvador is a country that's obviously too much for Anthony to wrap his small penis-brain around. El Salvador rules.
Anthony ate rats for breakfast by force. He thinks Salvadorans eat like him. He is sub-par to El Salvador's flourishing condition.
by Obama For Life May 21, 2008
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