Another stupid course forced on students who attend Catholic schools. Their main purpose is to help students put theological values toward professional and personal decisions, but is despised by anyone who doesn't give a crap about God. Also, this class is the reason why you have to attend an all-school mass at least once a month.
If you don't care about God, then religion class is simply a good time to take another 45-90 minute nap and fail the class because your chances of understanding it are zero percent.
by The Real Driller September 6, 2022
Sassy, spoiled, ass-hat person calls this class “Science Fiction Class”
Teacher: Time for religion class now.
Sassy Girl: You means Science Fiction Class?
Students hide their laughs*
Teacher: OUT!
Sassy Girl: No.
Teacher: NOW!
by WikiDicky May 19, 2018