The worlds greatest little beach city. Located in North San Diego, is a afluent part of society and is known for wonderful waves and hot babes
Dude, lets go hit the waves in Del Mar, i hear that they are off the richter
by So cal chief March 05, 2004
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An extremely cholo girl. Very latina and sassy.
The other day I was walking in my hood when I saw this del mar girl popping her booty and getting low.
by flakeylake October 06, 2011
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A very relaxing and ambient sound with various artists. Perfect music to listen to if you r on the beach or just need to mellow out
Gees today was a stressful day, i need to put some Cafe Del Mar on to relax
by Booom Bab August 25, 2006
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The love of Jack twist , and the love of millions of Brokeback fans around the world, Charming and loveable
Ennis del mar embraces Jack twist because he is the love of his life, The dozy embrace.
by Adam22 August 22, 2006
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Great fishing glasses that are far superior to oaklees, or any of those other brands. Unfortunately there are the Bro's of some frats that like to wear them just because it goes with their boat shoes...
"Do your Costa Del Mar sunglasses contain the 580 lenses?"

Delt: "I dont know Bro but they go with my boatshoes!"
by Mpc340 January 20, 2011
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the public high school where it’s only filled with white kids. you look into the parking lot and you see audi’s and range rovers everywhere. yes, these are their first cars, and they don’t deserve half the stuff they own. they start school at 9:40 and get out at 1:20. if this seems crazy, they’re also even allowed to leave campus to get lunch too! the teachers suck and they don’t seem to ever be helpful so students aren’t the smartest. the school thinks their sports are super good, but compared to mater dei high school, their football looks tiny. corona del mar is shorted most times to CdM and their sister school is newport harbor, and they are located on the opposite side of the bay. once a year, corona del mar and newport harbor have a football game called battle of the bay or BotB and CdM usually wins cause newport harbor doesn’t have great football. cdm overall is a public high school with snobby white kids who spend most of their time at home since they have 4 hours of school a day.
My friend goes to corona del mar. Her first car was a range rover and she has a gucci belt and a louis vuitton backpack.
by sally hampton January 11, 2019
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by DMW.JST September 08, 2008
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