Used to describe the action of throwing an object in a comedic yet casual way whilst still applying a heavy amount of force.
A catapult motion is often used by more experienced chiselers.
Alan chiseled the badger from the upstairs window when he saw it was bothering his wife.

Oi, Steve! Chisel me a sausage!
by Sneaky Weasel January 28, 2010
'Why should I give her another five bucks?' (...) 'You're trying to chisel me.'
From: The Cather in the Rye
by Applied Linguist July 5, 2012
Richard was known to deal the finest chisel in South London
by DrugMonkey February 25, 2005
A long, slender erect penis. Opposite of chode. Gay slang.
Check out the chisel on that guy- it could go ten inches up my ass with no pain whatsoever!
by dicklicker May 23, 2003
As in tool. Complete arsehole who thinks they run the show.
That guy is a total chisel
by shizzle March 4, 2004
often used to describe the penis, although can relate to someone who is a tool.
Bill? Hill ya chisel!
by Thomas Harney June 15, 2004