Vulgar term used for men when they masturbate aka BEAT YOUR MEAT. The male penis has plenty of nicknames and meat is one commonly used to describe the penis and testicles. When men beat their meat, they take their erect penis and jerk it in a up and down motion, this tends to make blap noises and make our nutsacks swing as well, churning up our semen before we shoot ropes out of our dick hole.
Male: Dude look at this hot coochie whore taking cock inside her snatch and asshole.
Male # 2: Fuck yes man! You should BEAT YOUR MEAT to that cunt whore!
by HornyPornoAddict June 8, 2023
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A expression used to describe the action of masterbating or "jerking off" used to get off or pleasure. usaul finished by busting a nut
Hey nate shaw quit beating your meat in the corner while you talk to your girlfriend thats dirty
by THE ALL KNOW ING MIKE AND CHASE February 21, 2003
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When Your really horny and can't get some, you rent porn and rub your little man till he becomes strong. MASTURBATING!!! Always be sure to use a rubber glove for protection!
Jason: Geeze, I can't get laid, im gonna have to beat my meat tonight!
Bob: Your horniness and extreme virginity frightens me jason.
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
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Masterbation in an up and down motion.(preformed by male or females willing to do it for you.)
Marcus almost got caught beating his meat.
by Ricky Rivers September 15, 2003
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To tenderise and loosen a piece of meat before cooking to allow ease while cutting and eating, and also actions such as stuffing, rolling, and skewering are easier.
This technique is generally done with meat mallets or with naturally occurring enzymes. For the former solution, pressure must be applied evenly over the meat or else if pounded too hard, it may break.
Jarvis prefers his meat soft and juicy. Be sure to beat your meat before marinating it.
by I'm online March 4, 2019
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