Limiting the tightness.
Until I was past 6 1/2, I had to loosen my undies before I could ever strip off my undies!
by Turo Fernandez June 6, 2020
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A substance added to a dry meal to aid in the process of mastication.
"Excuse me waiter, this Beef Wellington is a little dry. Could you ask the kitchen to send out a Bisto loosener?"
by Gassyman June 8, 2013
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Something somebody tells you when they want to see you wreck your life for their amusement.
The guy was a responsible kid who liked who he was the way he was at one time, but he tried to loosen up and live on the wild side because he thought he might have missed out on something, and ended up being certain that being a poser wasnt for him, he tried it, so he knew it was all done to get money while telling people you dont care what they think even when you care more than anybody else what people think. Everybody cares what people think, and that's one of the things you end up facing no matter how long you keep telling people you dont care what they think. You end up facing them, and they end up facing you.
by Solid Mantis August 25, 2020
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loosen your wedgie so you're not so crotchety; be less reactive. see chill, cool it
A guy worried bout the rain
always lookin wa'sup:
That can be a real pain;
just say "man, loosen up."
by oberon August 15, 2004
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When someone has been holding in their uneducated opinion about a topic of conversation then feels that their mouth must explode with verbal diarrhea.
Donald shared his take on the current affairs of the world . He was completely clueless. The bullshit spewed from the open sewer in his face once he Loosened his Vowels!!!
by will bitten September 12, 2017
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What a guy says, with no hint of sarcasm, after he tries to open a jar of Mayo and fails, and his 95 lb. twig-shaped aneorexic girlfriend opens it after him.
Guy 1: Hey man, can you open this jar of Mayo?

Guy 2: Sure

<grabs jar out of hand of Guy 1 and strains considerably at opening it. He fails and hands it to his 95 lb. twig-shaped aneorexic girlfriend, who pops that shit open like it aint no thang.>

Guy 2: I loosened it for you...
<As Guy 1 laughs>
by G-Negro March 27, 2007
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What people say when a task they were trying to accomplish was accomplished by someone else due to the first person's actions.
Guy #1 tried to open jar but can't
Guy #2 takes jar and opens it easily
Guy #1 says "I loosened it for you..."

Not literal:
Girl #1: "What do you call something that's out of date and now irrelevant?"
Girl #2: " Oh! Oh! Oh! I know this... It starts with an O!"
Girl #3: "......OBSOLETE!"
Girl #2: "...I loosened it for you!"
by GRAMMAR-POLICE October 13, 2010
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