refers to the sound that a males penis makes when he hits it against a females face
She was talkin dirty so I blapped her
by duder October 04, 2003
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used mainly by valley girl wannabes or previouslys at the end of a sentence; applies in-your-face emphasis; connotes finality; similar to and interchangeable with, ‘and done’
a shortened quip of a word used in place of ‘you got served’ or ‘you just got handed your own ass’.

Phrase accompanied by an air check or air period (as in punctuation) pointing hand gesture, such as would be used by white chicks (the movie) types, like ‘period’ or ‘check the box’ said with a sassy face.

Implies attitude and sass. Means the previous statement is not arguable, or the previous statement was a great burn, or you totally just lost an argument no question, or can’t dispute the accomplishment or flex.
bitchy friend: (sarcastically, while disapproving of an outfit): hmm, wish I thought of that color scheme
sassy person: um, you already did, borrowed it from your rack from last season, and blap

guy: hah, if you came to see me sorry, I’m with *dumb bitch*
girl: actually not, your cousin *so hot* is meeting me here, blap
by williet hughnot November 01, 2019
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To destroy your opponent with ease. Used in online games.
<banaj> i blapped that rogue in 2 spells
by Ojajoh October 16, 2006
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to blap: to hit, to strike, to brush, to bang up
1 - Give me my crips.
2 - No.
1 - Give me my crips or I will blap you.
2 - Here are your crips.

3 - That cracker stole my hat.
4 - Allow, lets go blap him.
by Steve Lewis June 14, 2004
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A genre of music named from the combination of "black" and "pop", "black" and "rap", or "black", "pop", and "rap". It refers to each of the above music combination genres.

Most common in today's top 40s stations.
Today on BET, I heard a lot of blap. Man I hate that laffy-taffy song.
by Doop Snogg May 07, 2008
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A word used to blank out certain prophane words from daily conversation.
Shut the blap up!

Go blap yourself!

Blap you! Pay me.
by J.A.Wright March 23, 2006
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for one to have excessive blappage or blappagry.
the art of blapping upon ones face, genitals, or anus.
To excreet bodily fluids into ones face, genitals, or anus
ZT was on the dance floor tryin to get his dick blapped.

by younglacey March 29, 2008
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