1. a condom.
2. a garment that you put on your hands.
1. "No glove, no love."
2. "Put your gloves on; it's cold outside!"
by damusicmaker March 19, 2010
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When you get a handjob from a hospital nurse
That bitch at the hospital gave me some good glove last night bro
by Narx January 26, 2020
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verb: to ignore, to feign ignorance of, especially to default on a response to a greeting
I was walking down the street when I saw Jeff, so I was like "Hey Jeff" but he gloved me and just kept on walking.
by BG2 August 29, 2006
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i forgot the gloves, so I jumped out on my girl.
by woowon March 2, 2009
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Glove, abbreviation for Gay Love.
A homosexual who is the good/best friend of a heterosexual of the opposite sex.
eg. Jane loves John. John is gay. Jane and John are bestfriends. John is Jane's Glove.
by Ali-P September 17, 2005
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A verb, meaning to conceal a beer can (or similar sized container of alcoholic beverage inside of a glove, so that it may be consumed discreetly (relatively speaking) in a public environment.

Though similar acts were most likely present wherever the underaged had easy access to beer, the first cited example of "gloving" a beer occured when Christopher L. Dunn, of Williamstown, MA, slipped a Bud Light into Jahan Bruce's left Isotoner at the Thompson Rink, during a Mt. Greylock v. Pittsfield High hockey game in the winter of 2000.
"Hey, what's up with that kid back there? He looks like he's drinking out of a mitten."

"Yeah, that's just Dunn. He's glovin' it tonight."
by Cosmo June 22, 2004
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