chillin, relaxin
common activity of the northern regions of the california bay area
Marinating on the corner with a chip in his phone...
by bootsy collins April 14, 2003
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Hangin' out with friends and soaking up the good times.
We were marinating all night with some friends and some drinks.
by cheeseajm October 16, 2005
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sitting around, thinking about something that just happened and letting it soak in.
After losing a hand in poker, he was marinating on it for half an hour
by anonymous February 17, 2005
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The process a female virgin's vagina goes through while awaiting it's first glorious penetration.
"Man that poonani's been marinating for 18 years!"
by Hershel Krustophsky July 19, 2005
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to stew in one's own juices when sexually aroused.
Look at Tara rocking back and forth over there. She must be marinating over that guy.
by Jenee Mmmm May 22, 2007
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Younger chicks with the potential to become hot in 1-3 years.
That frosh is marinating for now. Soon enough she'll be hot enough come Junior year.
by Ty February 18, 2005
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marinate (gaming term)

Used in games like Among Us or Mafia where you gain a player’s trust only to betray them later in the game.

Commonly used in Disguised Toast’s friend group, the player, usually named Toast (commonly referred as to as the best Among Us player) would gain a crewmates trust and get them to vouch for him only for him to kill them later.
Marinate example:

Valkyrae: No it’s not me! Talia don’t listen to him He is marinating you!

Talia: No, he was next to me the entire time I don’t know he could’ve killed?

Valkyrae was not the imposter...

by Amongusvibes October 18, 2020
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