Sometimes, all a guy wants to do is bust a nut, and go to sleep.
by Ghost July 27, 2003
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in the act of cumming or producing semen. usually occurs while jerking off.
boy 1: dude I busted the fattest nut last night to that hot girl Kathryn
boy 2: busting a nut just makes me more calmed down bro
by buster nutter June 3, 2020
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when you get youre special homemade mayo everywhere
by busting a nut November 6, 2017
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To work really hard, fast.
see: busting ass.
Cory was busting a nut to get the code rolled out.
by ATXmoneymike December 2, 2014
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To place a man's nuts between a woman's breasts.
After they had sex, they started busting a nut.
by anonymous March 27, 2005
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To give off a glorious ejaculation from your genitalia
Darell: Marty, guess what im gonna do.
Marty: What?
Darell: Bust a nut.
Marty: What?
Darell: In your sisters butt.
Marty: What?
Darell: What?
by StevanoD April 18, 2019
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Bust a NUT means to ejaculate. Typically for men, but more and more women are using the term too. Bust a NUT is also referred to as cumming, cum, orgasm, climax, cream, jizz, emit semen, shoot one's load, drop a load, spurt, squirt, shoot one's wad, get your rocks off, etc.
Dude. I can't wait to get home, watch some porn, and Bust a NUT. I need to drain this nutsack badly.
by HornyPornoAddict October 1, 2023
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