Sometimes, all a guy wants to do is bust a nut, and go to sleep.
by Ghost July 27, 2003
in the act of cumming or producing semen. usually occurs while jerking off.
boy 1: dude I busted the fattest nut last night to that hot girl Kathryn
boy 2: busting a nut just makes me more calmed down bro
by buster nutter June 3, 2020
when you get youre special homemade mayo everywhere
im busting a nut in youre mouth
by busting a nut November 6, 2017
To work really hard, fast.
see: busting ass.
Cory was busting a nut to get the code rolled out.
by ATXmoneymike December 2, 2014
To place a man's nuts between a woman's breasts.
After they had sex, they started busting a nut.
by anonymous March 27, 2005
To give off a glorious ejaculation from your genitalia
Darell: Marty, guess what im gonna do.
Marty: What?
Darell: Bust a nut.
Marty: What?
Darell: In your sisters butt.
Marty: What?
Darell: What?
by StevanoD April 18, 2019
A male inclusive event. The physical act of achieving orgasm regardless of how it occurs. This action is usually quite pleasurable. Occasionally it could be difficult or nearly impossible to achieve due to varying circumstances.
1: Karl and Cheryl was heavy into making love, she was being a Bag Lapper when he rotated her around on all fours and was a Bung Tonguer before he gently Cornalized her, pistoning away while holding her by the hips. With his organ fully engorged, he Busted A Nut, explosiveley, deep in her Tailpipe.

2: Rick and Kathi partied way too hard. Liquor and Vicodin can take its toll. Kathi was horny as hell and dripping wet. She pulled Ricks shorts down and began sucking on his crank like a mad woman. With all her might she couldn't get him fully erect. She licked and sucked his Tailpipe and that didn't help either. He finally became semi hard and she was able to help him Bust A Nut in her mouth and she swallowed every gooey drop.

3: Diane needed some hard dick inside her and wanted to come like crazy. Larry had partied way too late and drank too much. She tried giving him a handjob and sucking on his dick and balls but things just were not working right. He was frustrated, she was frustrated and needless to say he never got to Bust A Nut so she settled for him being a Bung Licker and treating her Tailpipe to a thorough cleansing and an awesome anal orgasm.
by The King Cornholer May 11, 2008