That feeling when you see someone elses mother
Omg did you see Brandons mom??? I have a great feeling of horniness right now
by im a pancake November 8, 2022
We all know what you're here for. But you need a heads up.
Just remember to clear your history.

Horny bastard.
by Jesuswhyiseverythingalreadytak February 17, 2020
"I'm horny, so I'm just going to look up a bunch of vulgar shit on Urban Dictionary."
by L0$3R May 19, 2020
A disease that spreads all world wide, its effects make you want to find a mating partner desperately and masturbate intensely.
"Hey Richard, Joseph got Horny"
by ManueleBonjele September 14, 2020
What your going to be after reading all these freaky definitions below or above mine.
The only reason you searched up horny on urban dictionary is to read the erotic definitons so you can either fap or finger yourself to it. :)
by an anonymous girl_ZaX October 11, 2017
Hornlike or resembling a horn. Bet you didn't expect that while scrolling through the erotic things other people have written.
"I'm horny."
"Yup, I have six horns. Horniest member of my Dragon Club."
by TheRogueToast June 28, 2018