how dumb people spell "masturbate"
i gotsta ta go masterbate rihgt no!
by meh July 1, 2003
The complete incorrect spelling of masturbate Since it's a misspelling it means "Being a master of bate" Or perhaps "Master of bait".
Yo yo! This is so phat!!!111!eleven!1 Ahm all foo illiterate and I went all MASTERBAAATE today!!111!11! You go wafsha!!!11!one!
by Surazal February 1, 2004
"Yo dude! Lets go masterbate together!", said the 10 year old.
"Hell yeah!", replied the old man.
by MasterMastur. September 3, 2009
Person A: Yo man I just masterbated to a nigga fucking a bear plush.
Person B: It's "masturbated" you fucking retard. Also wtf nigga.
by xexashi69 March 28, 2019

A great way to rock oneself to sleep.
Why is bill sleeping so sound? Did he rock himself to sleep, again by mastering that dam wood.

Why is the floor shaking? Bill, are you masterbateing your rocker to sleep?

Bill really knows how to rock himself to sleep, he's out.
Ya I know, he masterbates that wood rocker.
by blackwaterray April 5, 2011
the act of pleasuring ones self, usually while shouting obscenities such as "God yes" or "Get down"
"Everyone likes a good masterbate."
by Greg Satin January 16, 2003