Justin is one of the most caring people you can ever meet. He is loyal, nice, cute, funny and he can always make you smile even on your saddest days. If he says he loves you then he loves you and he doesn't like being questioned again and again. He will always be there for you no matter what you do. On your bad days, good days, the days you look bad and the days you look good. No matter what day or time he will always be with you. If you ever get to be with a Justin then don't let him go because you will be losing the most precious thing in the world.

He has the most beautiful smile . His eyes sparkle like stars in the dark sky. He can be annoying (buh in a good way) when he says "I love you" and you just say "love you to" then he will keep saying "I love you" until you say it back with the I. Because, saying I love you and love you to is two different things.

If yall date he will give you everything he possibly can because he wants to be there for you, to take care of you, to love you, to cherish every little moment with you. When he dates you he wants it to last not just a couple months he wants to last forever.

Justin doesn't care about looks not one bit. He cares about your personality .
Justin likes attention and affection and he likes to know that you care. DON'T ever say your annoying or ima go because that makes him feel like you lost feelings and don't wanna be with him no more
I love you Justin <3
by Sum_1234 February 4, 2021
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My friend here Justin he is already taken and he’s cracked at Fortnite my guy uhhhh uhhhh
by Gold Bros May 16, 2021
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Justin is the perfect name to get your friends on a “deez nutzjoke
Hey man Justin said he was going to whoop that ass!

Justin who?

Justin case you want to suck deez nutz! Got em!

Man F you!
by ashane March 18, 2019
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1. A man with a ridiculously huge cock in both with and length
2. sexy body and amazing eyes
3. Just hearing his name makes you wet
4. women want to do him and men want to be him
5. the best father you will ever meet
ex1= I have to go change my pants that Justin got me so wet!
ex2= man whispers "justin"

women " take me now! I want it!"
ex3= women "take off your pants...," "Damn I didnt know you were hung like a Justin go get some lube!!!"
by Christina Chewy July 2, 2010
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Has a cock 10 times bigger than brock
Dang Justin is HUGE...
by gonnagunna February 7, 2018
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He is my dad and I love him soooo much.He has always been their.No matter how bad we are he keeps on trying to provide for us and to make us happy.If you ever have a chance to have a Justin in your life then you are the luckiest person ever.
My friend:Whos nice dad is that
Friend:whats his name
by kaylie 💕 June 27, 2019
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