a person you are with but dont really like and you use them for sex
person 1:didint you date laura
person 2:i didint really like her she was just a piece of meat
by theanimeaddict February 4, 2018
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severe slang for a human. -reducing a human and his/her sex parts down to 'a piece of meat' does seem slightly criminal,
but this is of little significance when/while 'shopping' at the "pick-up bar" for a nice piece of warm 'meat'!!

-emts have been known to refer to 'road kill' or 'fresh meat'!
a friends' wife got 'hot' when i used this term, i DO use it with males as much as females! -the sad part is the usage at all!!!
ie: rendering a 'cherished' human to something seen hanging in a stockyard. (any "Freddies" in the house??)
joshua spotted a nice piece of meat, but it was a poor 'cut'

jill was shopping a nice pork roast, but ended up with 'mad cow'!!

he worked out and knew he was a filet mignon!, almost too good to pump!

they were hammering each other like a 'butcher'! they ended up two tenderized pieces of meat!!
by michael foolsley February 1, 2010
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The tender and juicy beef steak hanging between a guy's legs
Eddy often spoke at great length of his deeply held desire to be barebacked by a great piece of meat.
by joelster7455 November 17, 2016
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In ice hockey. A player who was open to receive a pass and was ignored by his teammate and used only to draw defense towards him.
I could have scored that but I guess I’m just a big piece of meat.
by Shaboy Leivo April 26, 2019
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Synonymous with meat head, when referring to someone as a piece of meat, you're basically calling them doing looking or not mentally there, however physically buff to the extreme. They are exclusively male and don't usually tend to have a lot going on upstairs, and, when spoken to, tend to respond with mere grunts.
If someone is in a relationship with a piece of meat, they aren't in it because of their great personality, as they do not possess one. Instead, they are with them because they are:
1. Desperate,
2. Horny, or
3. Pregnant.
Contrary to science's claims about the missing link, it disproves the theory that man evolved from apes, but that man is actively evolving into apes, as people no longer have to be likeable to mate and instead just have to have something between their legs.
Danny: Who's that?
Tabitha: Him? That's so-and-so's boyfriend .
Danny: Really?
Tabitha: Yeah! She says that he's quite the man.
Danny: Honestly? He just looks like a piece of meat to me.
by @Mr.Toashty February 8, 2018
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