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a sexual action performed by a man that involves having heterosexual relations and ejaculating vertically into one's own mouth, instead of onto or into the female. Also can be done as a solo ejaculation move.
1. Guy 1: "Yo, I definitely pulled a nate last night, shot it right into my mouth, she had no idea what was going on!"
Guy 2: "Man I've got to try that, but how's the taste?"
2. That girl was so nasty, i blacked in before i came, luckily i still had enough time to pull out and pull a nate
3. So I'm J.O.'ing last night and yawned right as i came, landed right in my mouth. I think it was the first unintentional pulling a nate ever.
by pullin nates February 25, 2008
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Someone who masturbates in computer class and claims the didn't do it. Can also be used as a verb to say someone was doing this. Also when it is said, you usually clap your hands to simulate the tapping sound
Parents: "so how is nate doing in class?"
Computer teacher: "he jerks off all the time!"

Josh: "why did Chris get in trouble?"
Mike: "he was caught nating in class!"
by natek July 07, 2012
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Someone who reads urban dictionary to find out that most definitions for his name are negative and usually relate to some act of self pleasuring.
GUY 1: Bro, you look pretty sad. Did you search your name again on urban dictionary?
GUY 2: Yeah man, my name definitions are almost just as bad as Nate's
by Flip Nipples March 09, 2017
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Nate is a strong, intelligent and overall great friend. He's there for you no matter what and is always going to help you in anyway he can. He is trusting and loyal, good looking, an amazing singer, and wonderful with computers and technology. He loves the out doors and loves animals. whether the people around him will admit it or not, they look up to him and adore him. Nates are always the type of friends you want to have.
person 1: omg he's such a nate!
person 2: i know right! he's absolutely perfect!

person 1: is that nate?
person 2: yeah, i'm so glad i'm his friend.
by 95% December 27, 2014
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A cool motherfucker who is smart but acts dumb, and is full of life and loves to joke around all the time.
Friend 1: You see that guy over there? HeΕ› so dumb and funny, heΕ› a Nate
by Zero_Nero June 03, 2016
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Nate has beautiful hair, and eyes, and body in general. He's smooth with the Ladies, and has sexilicous feet. Nate likes to flip off people a lot, and to step on lilys. Nate has nice fingers, and knows 18 digits of pi. Nate is truly a God.
Person #1: Wow! Look, I think that kids name is Nate!
Person #2: don't look him in the eye, I heard he turns you to ash!"

Girl #1: "Is that a Nate? I call dibs!
Girl #2: " No! That's no fair!"
by Shanan July 24, 2016
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