To ‘jarvis’ something is a term commonly used amongst medical professionals when a colleague causes a patient to let blood unnecessarily during a routine procedure.

By extension ‘jarvis’ can also mean to screw up something simple.
Dammit Franklin, if you jarvis one more IV I swear to God...

David really jarvised the Christmas Tree when he put the star on the wrong way up.
by RTDB September 4, 2018
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Jarvis' are usually quite tall and not the skinniest but not the fattest either. Jarvis' are usually very sexy and are totall chick magnets. They are also very protective over they're friends and/or girlfriend. They often take extra time in the morning and before special occasions to look nice for the ladies.
by Sexymanj123 April 1, 2014
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Jarvis, means someone, who can sock it to you if you piss them off. Jarvis' are usually very attractive, and know how to please you. Watch out for a Jarvis, because they are total chick magnets.

Also can mean an attractive guy, or one with swagg.
He is a jarvis. He has mad jarvis.
by SwaggaSoStupid May 2, 2011
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Jarvis means king the greatest up for a good future one of the greatest
Jarvis you are a king up for a good future
by Jervis NY September 25, 2018
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Usually a tall black male. Funny, and outgoing. Hard to handle at times. Hides his feelings due to past relationships. When he finds a good girl, he usually mistreats her and is oblivious to her love for him. Can make you smile, but also break you down. His best matches are a girl with an exotic name. For example, Roxanne. He'll fall in love with a girl that most find odd, but he'll think the world of her. He'll mistreat her, but she'll stay. When he loves, he loves whole heartedly. But is afraid to admit so. He has a bad temper, that can only be calmed by the girl he loves. If you have a chance with a Jarvis, hold on to him. Because when you hurt him, he never forgives it.
person 1: He is so tall!
person 2: Must be a Jarvis.
by loverboy741 August 31, 2013
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A super dope computer that always refers to his owner as 'Sir'.
Once owned by IronMan.
Jarvis: "Sir, Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D. is on the line."
Tony Stark: "I'm not in. I'm actually out."
Jarvis: "Sir, I'm afraid he's insisting."
Tony Stark: "Grow a spine, Jarvis, I got a date."
by Jonny7x November 22, 2018
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Lisa: Oh my God, David is such a Jarvis!
Steve: I know right! Such a skill issue!
by Steven Mc Steveyson November 5, 2021
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