BCC or also known as the Bolivian Cock Caresser is a person who wreaks havoc when they see a beautiful man with a nice cock. Instantly an erection occurs and they begin to caress and sometimes vigorously stroke the man until climax.
Sebastian is a normal guy until he sees this hottie Nathan. What a BCC!
by SnipeKingClutch March 30, 2021
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Big Caucasian cock massive huge white dick BCC giant white man meat
That's a mighty fine bcc (big Caucasian cock)

Suck this bcc you dirty slut!

Oh momma you know how to ride my bcc
by go4ray October 4, 2015
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Brevard Community College

The "College" that pretty much everyone from Brevard that doesn't go to USF, UCF, UF, or FSU goes to just so they can say they're doing SOMETHING with their lives.

Also the "College" populated very heavily by High School students taking college classes while still in high school, thus leading to feeling awkward when you find out the hottest girl in your class is actually a junior in high school.


Beer Can College

Wickham University
Hey, we're graduating soon, what do you want to do for college?

I don't know, I guess I'll probably just go to BCC or something.
by Mr. Cox November 28, 2009
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an acronym for Blind Courtesy Copy. When writing an email you may send copies of your email to other people by adding their email address in the BCC field. This is almost the same thing as a courtesy copy except the recipients in the BCC field do not see the other recipients your email is being sent to.

also see CC
Don't worry I sent her a BCC copy she won't know I'm talking to you.
by valoem February 7, 2005
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Blind Courtesy Copy...This is an option with email so when you want to add an individual to the email that's being sent out, but you don't want individuals in the TO: or CC: blocks to know about it...Pretty sneaky...When you send an email, everyone in the TO: or CC: blocks that receives the email can look at all the other recepients who received the email in the TO: and CC: blocks, except the BCC: block is hidden, hence, it's blind to them and are oblivous to it...
You send an email to a subordinate or co-worker that instructs them to help or to complete a task. You BCC: other supervisors so they know of it...The subordinate or co-worker doesn't know you also sent the email to other supervisors...This prevents conflict by individuals not felling like they are being put under a microscope or feeling that you are pressuring them to do the task by announcing it to the other supervisors...However, If the subordinate or co-worker ever deny you instructed them to do the task, they won't have a leg to stand on because the other supervisors will know...Anytime you want to send an email out to people and want to also add another individual to the email, but it feels like bad form to do so and may ruffle some feathers...Use the BCC: and they won't know...It covers your back and also gives the impression of trust to your subordinates or co-workers...
by AF guy August 28, 2009
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Man that girl over there has cleavage that is so bcc. Gross!
Madelines tits look like my butt crack! Shes so bcc!
by Derek5345332 December 6, 2011
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A very large throbbing cock that comes from a Columbian desent also known as Big Columbian Cock.
Damn Kamy was spitting and slobbing on the BCC
by Assjuice12 February 8, 2018
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