1. It is a parking lot for limebikes. They are left in the craziest of places including on roofs of buildings and up trees. They mysteriously gather up in groups every knight. Some say that they are haunted.

2. Knight puns. Knight puns are everywhere. Legend has it that UCF Alimni will never be able to spell the word knight without a k.

3. FOOTBALL. "WE WANT 'BAMA!!!!!" UCF is undefeated and will destroy anyone in their path.

4. Under Construction Forever, U Can't (or Can) Finish, Underrated in College Football

5. A place where most people say the mascot is Knightro or a Pegasus. Outsiders think that it's mascot is a mouse. However, true UCF fans know that its real mascot is Nugget the pony.
Friend: You go to UCF? You must go to Disney all the time.

UCF Student: No, I'm broke. In my free time I go to football games and try to find the craziest places to put limebikes. Anyway, it's getting late. I have to go. Goodknight.
by UCF Knight December 24, 2018
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A drinking school with a football problem.
I go to UCF, I'm drunk.
by Mike November 20, 2004
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1) A relatively new school that has been building and expanding exponentially more than most other universities in the country.

2) The University of Central Florida

3) A large university, which (like all large universities) has it's share of intelligent people and complete dumb-asses. Unfortunately the dumb-asses happen to be louder, always.

4) A school that 90% of it's students take for granted. If they have actually visited other state's regional schools, they'd find out that they were pretty lucky to be at UCF.

5) Home of some pretty bad sports, due mostly to the fact that Orlando is so apathetic that they would rather support the Gators (who don't need more fans) than help build their own college athletics program.

"UCF Sucks! Look at how many Gator decals I have !!!"
"Oh? What has your school done in the last 10 years?
UCF has built billions of dollars of academic construction projects, expanded its student body five-fold, and has competed nationally in virtually every field, and has humorously lost just about every foot ball game they have ever played."

"I'm a UCF student and I was admitted to one tier-one school and one actual ivy-league school (not UF, cause UF isn't close to Ivy). To hell with your rivalries; I just want an education."
by Independent Thinker January 23, 2009
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(Under Construction Forever) univeristy in orlando florida that is frowing at rapid rates.
self explanitory
by Dan February 23, 2004
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As other's have stated UCF is a college in Orlando Florida. Due to proximity many Orlando locals see it as a natural option after graduating from one of the local community colleges. Howver, students are often shocked to find the two-four years they expect to spend there are often tripled or quadrupled hence the U Can'f Finish legend!
I just graduated with an A.A. time for my two years at UCF for my bachelor's!!! Oh, wait, you say it's gonna be an extra five years?! Fuck this, I'll go to Rollins!
by so apathethic that it's pathet February 24, 2010
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University of

A hard ass school that takes forever to graduate from.
Friend: "My sister is going to UCF next year, can you tell hre how you liked it there?"

Me: "Liked? Im still there"

Friend: "But its been 6 years"

Me: "I know! And Im still a junior!"
by Jordan November 17, 2003
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a backlot school in walt disney country home to the largest population of apparently friendly but ruthlessly vicious gray squirrels in the southeast. While on campus, keep a lookout for the football team... they can often be found holding their weekly fashion show and ballet class on the free-speech lawn (Usually immediately following a lost game-ie all the time). If you see the elusive greeks steer clear as you will soon either be doused in alcohol or vomit.
Isn't UCF near disney?
by Kyle J. Britt - UCF Radio Host February 10, 2005
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