To speak. Usually used in reference to hip hop, rap or poetry
by dreadz1 February 27, 2003
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A term used for what a girl does with the cum when she is giving head.
Elina spits instead of swallowing when giving Paul head.
by Holly February 1, 2005
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to make a freestyle rhyme like MC Chewy and MC Kubro ; spitting a rhyme out of the top of ur head
i am spitting out a rhyme , just to pass the time , me and MC Chewy bust out the rhymes , at all times.
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Droppin' a crispy rhyme or rap
Yo did you check out Jtrigga's new album? Dude he was spitting like no other.
by Jtrigga April 10, 2015
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The act of a man forcefully spitting on his penis as he grasps it firmly preparing to insert it into a female's vagina or gaping asshole. It is the highest level of expressing male dominance to the opposite sex.
"Mattay spits on his dick to show his male dominance over the women he is about to copulate with."

"Big Charlie uses a strong technique of spitting to become the King of his Jungle."

"I just figuratively spit on my dick while I was talking to this broad. She senses my dominance now."
by Mattay the Mangler September 12, 2011
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putting yourself out-there by spending time with the ladies.
look at that dude spitting to my girl, not cool.
by John Hartley August 26, 2007
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the act of inserting a funnel into the female partners anus then pouring water or any liquid substance down through the funnel, then the male waits until the female analy bambards(farts) all the water out into a mist on the males face.
Karl waited for Merdel to spit mist on to his face.
by Hot Karl June 16, 2003
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