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Getting a Blowjob while crying. Usually while watching the Notebook, Titanic, or Miley Cyrus's terrible movie The Last Song.
Jack: "YO Courtney gave me the nicest usf yesterday, it was the best of both worlds."
John:"What do you mean?"
Jack:"We were in Charlie St. Cloud, the Fron made the tears come, and Courtney gave me head. It feels like a blumpkin."
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University of South Florida. An underrated university in Florida that isn't actually in the south per se, rather it is located in the Tampa area. The school mascot is Rocky the bull.
"Hey man where do you go to school?" "I go to USF!"
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by maddyoll November 27, 2017
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The United Special Forces (a.k.a. USF) is the biggest Plazma Burst 2 clan to this date
hey buddy, you wanna join USF?
by xxfoofyxx June 07, 2018
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