Nathan is someone who not only adapts easily to any situation, but has an innate ability to understand people. He can be deceptively smart, genius even, and usually knows exactly what to do. If someone is named Nathan, they will most likely be great at many things, from playing an instrument, to practicing a sport. However, he can be major procrastinator, but that doesn't mean he is untrustworthy. Sometimes, he may seem quiet and mysterious, but once he gets to know you, he will become one of the most hilarious guys you will ever meet. Overall, he is a great person to be around, and anyone lucky enough to be his beloved, will certainly have their life changed for the better.
Person 1: So I was talking to Nathan the other day, and he seemed upset about something, so I asked him what was on his mind. I don't think I'll ever look at life the same way again.
by Throwaway account #812 March 5, 2019
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If you call any Nathan a Nathaniel without their specific permission they will kill you and your whole family.
James: Yo! Nathaniel, wanna play Minecraft?

Nathan: No, but do you wanna die?

James: No, not really...

Nathan: Well to bad. *repeatedly stabs James*

James: Why did you do this, bro?

Nathan: Because you called me Nathaniel! That's not my name retard!
by CocoaVirus June 4, 2020
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he exists
Nathan exists.
by Champion of Clear Definitions November 5, 2020
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wow these people are saying really nice things about me (nathan) on urban dictionary dot com! wow!
by boingus November 9, 2020
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The type of friend you always want to have around. A Nathan likes to crack dumb jokes and play video games. Sometimes they can be a little annoying though
Nathan is awesome.
Yeah, he is a good friend
by dh831 October 14, 2020
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