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One of the greatest guys alive. He can be quiet and serious but suddenly turns into this chatty bubbly hillarious person. Someone who understands how to act around different people, he takes other peoples thoughts into mind. He can spend hours thinking of something that means alot to him. One of the best boyfriends, he's sweet; reliable; trustworthy; loving; caring etc. He's one of the funnest people to hang round with, whatever the weather. He can be flirtly but also knows how to be just a simple friend. Any person who knows a Nathan is truely lucky, and to be his girlfriend then they're truely blessed. He's also one of the greatest friends you can ever have, he can relate to things that you say, understands how to talk to someone depending there mood. He can be quirky at times, at is never seen without a smile in his eyes. Girls hearts melt around him. He has a story to tell. A huge dog-lover. A guy called Nathan is like an Angel from heaven, you don't expect to need him to be in your life, but once he is, you realise how much you do need him and how much you never want to loose him, you couldn't loose him! Nathan is a pleasure to both guys and girls, he's can have a laugh, give advice, be blunt, you can talk with him about anything. He's the most beautiful creature alive. When you see him you smile, either on the out or inside, or even both. He's sucha great guy! xxxx
Nathan's so amazing

I'm so lucky to have a Nathan

Damn, my Nathan is beautiful!
by Lindsey'c19 August 21, 2011
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He's the type of guy that if someone needs advice you'd go to him. At first he just seems like any other normal guy to you, but he's much more than that. When you're feeling low he's the type of guy who'd be there without you uttering a single word. A Nathan usually has brown eyes and curly brown hair that's surprisingly long. He's smart, intelligent, and one of the funniest people you could possibly meet. He likes to play football, he's not the most popular guy there is but everyone wants to be his friend. He's super chill, and his smile can make anyone smile. He's really attractive, and could probably have any girl he ever wanted. He has a nice body, and he's really sweet. It's almost impossible for him to hate someone. He's the type of guy who'd sneak out in the middle of the night to go to a park to sit on a swing and just talk to you for hours. He's the type of guy who'd hold your hand and help you up when you're just about ready to give up. He's the type of guy who'd give you his jacket without you saying something. He's the type who'd go to your door and ask your dad for permission to date you. He's the type who'd buy you something that you loved even if it's as stupid as a cookie. A Nathan may be super cocky....but at times he can be the sweetest and most adventurous guy you've ever met.
Girl : so...umm I like this guy

Best friend : it's Nathan isn't it?

Girl : How'd you know?

Best friend : Nathan is the type of guy every girl falls for.
by Cupcake226 January 10, 2017
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He's loving.he's sexually ATTRATIVE!He's the best kind of boyfriend!
Sara:Look at Nathan
Brooke:OMG he's so hot
Becca:I wish I had him
by Bae💦🌺 November 25, 2016
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Nathan is one of the greatest, most caring, sweet and funny people you will ever come across. He's there for his friends whenever they need him. Nathan is someone you can truly trust with anything, he knows how to play around with someone and brighten up their day. He knows how to make you feel happy when you're down, can always cheer you up even at times when you don't want to be cheered up. He is the definition of the greatest best friend anyone can have. No subject will ever get boring with Nathan. Nathan is always willing to help with anything you would need.He is sweet and has good manners. He knows when to be serious and when to be funny.He is overall just a great person, he is a blessing in the lives of everyone who knows him. If you don't know a Nathan you should find one ASAP!
"That guy is so funny he is definetly a Nathan!"
"Such a awesome person to be around he must be a Nathan!"
by Alvoen April 27, 2013
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One of the most caring guys you will ever come across. Has a tendency to be quiet and solitary, though once you get to know him you'll find that he's quite the opposite. Normally has brown hair and brown eyes. Has a hot body. Once you find one, don't let him go. You'll find yourself falling for him almost as soon as you meet him. Has a breathtaking smile and an intoxicating laugh and will have you breathless at just one word. He's the kind of guy who's in it for the long run so don't mess with him or his heart. He's a true gentleman and as soon as you land yourself a Nathan all of your friends are bound to be jealous.
Girl 1: I've only known him for a week and yet I think I'm falling for him.
Girl 2: No wonder, he is a Nathan after all.
by thegirlwiththebrokensmile January 09, 2011
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A guy who is caring and intelligent and is superior to all even God.He is loved by all his mates and is there for everyone who has problems and is a great listener.He is so caring and such a strong fighter that nothing can beat him.He is the kinda guy you want as a mate or a lover.A legend at the guitar and guitar hero.He is just an amazing happy person who is easy to love.He has a very nice personality and is very easy on the eyes and is very cute.He is a perfect man in everway unless you cross his path when he is sleepy then you have hell to pay lol. Generally a nice guy with lots of friends who adore and love him.A one of a kind...
Girl 1: Who is that guy?
Girl 2: Oh him he is a Nathan.
A nice guy.A legend on
The guitar!
Girl 1: He is such a dream!
by lil.pixie.kisses August 27, 2008
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