when ur cock is so horned up it's leaking precum and jumping up and down, you've got a throbbing cock
Damn I got a throbbing cock right now. I need to jerk off!
by ekimo February 14, 2009
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a cock which is throbbing for some luvin from either a pussy or anus
"maan my cocks throbben for some anus"
"egad schoolboy jimmy! your cock is throbbing!"
by Hakko December 13, 2003
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A Huge Throbbing Cock is a cock that is especially, and huge, and most likely throbbing with desire. Best if sweating.

It is U.S Federal law that this term be typed with capital letters at the beginning of each word...or else.
I have a Huge Throbbing Cock that effectively satisfies your mom.
by Xhanatos Totentanz June 14, 2007
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People would like it in their ass.
Yes daddy, put that big black throbbing cock in my ass.

Oh my god, Jamal has such a big black throbbing cock.

by Jerome jamal jemarcus May 9, 2022
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