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a blunt rolled with weed that is as thick and long as a cigar.
shit we smoked a gati and got high as fuck
by valoem March 13, 2005
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Film noir at its best. Perfect cinematography, drawings, amazing character development, and the music is flawless. The truth is i hated anime until i watched this. Its like watching a Kubrick or Zhang Yimou movie. Btw trigun sucks and DBZ i dont even have to mention. If u hate anime watch this and tell me again.
by valoem November 11, 2004
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the initiation process when one joins a frat or sorority. Sometimes it involves hazing.
by valoem February 7, 2005
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A sleeping pill designed for insomnia. Use of this pill without sleeping will result in hallucinations. One may feel as if he or she was dreaming when he or she is actually awake. Abuse of this pill maybe used for recreation. However do not consume with alcohol.
Mehran and I are gonna pop some ambien tonight.
by valoem October 5, 2004
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