An amazingly handsome man with a heart of gold. A person who may not see himself through the eyes of others, but to many, and to one, he's perfect. This man would sacrifice a great deal to help the people he loves, and will always be there in a heartbeat if they needed him. Someone who is the most beloved person anyone could come across. He's dearly loved although he may not know or feel this. As soon as one meets him, they would immediately realise he's very special, and is a person who will eternally be there to carry them through the good and hard times. A person who is an angelic being with the most gorgeous features, with stunning eyes to capture his strong and kind heart; perfectly sculptured physique; and someone who's charming, caring, big hearted, sweet, considerate, understanding, supportive, loving and the list just goes on. His smile brightens everyone's day, especially mine. Anyone who knows this gentleman is a lucky, lucky person and they should never take advantage of his kind and caring personality. He's someone who is so wonderful in every way and it's impossible to find another man like him.

Beyond this world... he's divine.
There may be many men in this world but there is no other man like Sebastian. I love him with all my heart...
by si*mi*amor May 17, 2010
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The most awesome dude out there. He's extremely socially awkward and upon first impression most people believe he is severely angry and an asshole. While the latter may be true, on the contrary- he is a very sweet, "nice young man". He might come across as an apathetic kinda person but he's a total softie and teddy bear. He's probably one of the weirdest people you will ever meet but that just adds to his levels of awesomeness. He's also freakishly smart and around 99% of the time you have no idea what he's saying but it sounds smart and he's adorable when he does so, so you just go along with it and pretend to understand. He's also kind of insecure which is fucking stupid because he has no reason to be. He always knows how to make you feel better and he's just such a good guy. When you meet a Sebastian you need to cherish every minute because you don't know what you have until it's gone ;(
Sebastian sends cute pictures of puppies to cheer friends up!
by greekchick1234 June 26, 2013
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A perfect and the most rarest of the rare type of guy. A total badass at times but he is very kind, caring, and a total gentleman. Has had a rough past but he survived it so that only made him a stronger person that he is today. Loves his family, friends, and girlfriend dearly and is always there for them. INSANELY beautiful, just drop dead gorgeous, incredibly hot, has the most perfect body and amazingly sculptured face. Women throw their panties at him when he walks down the street. He's also a huge video game and comic con nerd, usually goes as mister freeze.
Girl 1: "I met this cute guy who seemed distant but he's really nice and so cool."
Girl 2: "Wow awesome, sounds like he's a Sebastian."
by agirl7696 August 14, 2014
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The coolest, talented, helpful, hilarious, strong, romantic, cute, sexy, patient, loving, caring, playful, goofy, hot, boy/man you will ever meet. Some people are lucky to be liked by him. he will do what ever it takes to make a friendship or relationship work. But he's more of the patient guy than a rushing guy. He likes to take it slow and not be rushed. He is easy to express your feelings to him; he loves to express his feelings too.
by someone?? September 11, 2011
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Hard core gamer, thinks he's a player, yet is a one-girl kind of guy. This guy is bad ass, and will fuck you up if you mess with him.
Guy 1: Hey, I'm going to kick that guy's ass.
Guy 2: Who? The cool kid with the Fedora?
Guy 1: Yeah.
Guy 2: Better not, that's Sebastian. You'll end up in the hospital on life support.

Another Guy 1:Where can I find Sebastian?
A different Guy 2: Tea-bagging you on XBLA.
by ReapersFortune March 31, 2010
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A cute and funny guy. Usually with dark hair. Usually nervous about things. He is scared to take things forward sometimes. He has a girlfriend or has a crush on someone.
Sebastian is so amazing.
by happy120 October 16, 2016
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