when you take a large shit out of your tight asshole and you forgot you have a little shit left inside hours later
Wow, man I got so much applesauce inside my ass, i should have wiped better!
by hard cack October 26, 2011
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When the shit you just took is soooo disgustingly mushy that no wiping will clean your ass resulting in crap all over your underpants.
Man, I had some bad diarrhea last night. My shorts are stickin' up my butt. I think I got some applesauce goin' on down there.
by airbiscuit December 21, 2008
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A 'code' word used to describe a sexy female to your buddy when other words such as "sexy bitch" or "fine ass" aren't appropriate at the moment due to other people, environment or the female you're talking about is within listening distance.
Standing in an ER when a fine ass nurse walks up to look at a chart-

1) make eye movement towards female
2) get attention of buddy
3) announce: "applesauceee"

bahaha >:)
by Dr. Bunghole July 06, 2011
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The act of opening a container of apple sauce and pouring a line of it starting just below the belly button of a female, and going down until you reach just above the Vaginal Area and then licking the apple sauce off of the female slowly in the same sequence in which the apple sauce was applied. This is usually followed by performing oral sex on the female.
Person 1: Dude, Kate came over to my house last night when my parents weren't home.

Person 2: Did you get some from her?

Person 1: Hell Yeah we made out then i totally apple sauced her.

Person 2: How was it?

Person 1: It was great I used Strawberry. Delicious
by I Chink Im Cool November 28, 2011
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the feeling of being an apple that was left on the tree when all the rest were harvested and then picked only to be put in a jar as applesauce.
He makes me feel like applesauce

Today i feel really applesauce
via giphy
by hmmmcheerioslala September 03, 2020
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a secret word made by pewdiepie for when you meet him outside. which is very unlikely, since he has no legs.

all you need to say is APPLE SAUCE and he knows that you are a true fan and he will take a selfie with you.
Fan spotting Felix on the streets: APPLE SAUCE!

Felix: APPLE SAUCE! Ok yes, we can take a selfie.
by ennana April 04, 2020
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