1. To consume food

2. To slay, "kill it" or do very well. Most likely related to the phrase "eating it up", meaning enjoying something to the fullest. This is normally used in the context of showing off how great you look or some kind of performance.
Hey, I saw you at dance auditions! You're really gonna eat at callbacks!
by zebra_b1tch May 5, 2019
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1)chewing food...than swallowing it is one definition
2)or basically lick someone's vagina
1)I eat at wendy's.
2)I got to eat Wendy.
by ugh_so_nasty June 12, 2003
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The slang version of eat is a term that means "to make money". Similarly, "eating" means "making money."
"The game is designed to make your record company eat."- Cassidy
by Trav the kid May 27, 2006
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"Yo girl I"m bout to get waxed cuz Styles gonna eat tonight!"
by June December 15, 2003
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"Me and my niggas is eatin".

"Y'all niggas ain't eatin, ya stomach touchin nigga".
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to lick someones vagina ... yum
I hafta go eat Susan.
by Beatrix February 28, 2005
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