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When a person pisses and throws up on their partner leaving a slight resemblance of applesauce on their chest
Guy 1: So what happened last night?
Guy 2: I totally applesauced my girlfriend
Guy 1: Dude that's AWESOME!
by Johnny Applesauceseed April 16, 2011
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The act of a mother or father using their child to gain attention.
My Cousin applesauced the party.
My Uncle applesauced the funeral.
I was in the hospital after a car crash, but my Sister applesauced me.
by Bosox099 September 29, 2009
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To completely obliterate your opponent to the point at which all that remains resembles freshly splattered Applesauce.
While Playing Gears of War with Hound, I Applesauced my opponent with one shot to the chest with my Shotgun.
by Mario Baeza August 03, 2007
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Ridiculing a person about his or her iPod, iPhone, iPad or other Apple product.
Person 1 (to Person 3): Oh awesome, is that the new iPhone 4? I've heard if you get a case, you can upgrade it to actually make phone calls.

Person 2: Ohhhhh SNAP! Someone just got apple sauced!
by jCAc10 November 09, 2010
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When another individual isn't looking you throw the entire contents of their desk onto the floor
John turns and to talk to Stacy
Bob throws the his open binder and lose papers onto the floor
Mrs. E: "Ooooh, you've been applesauced!"
by Honors Biology November 13, 2012
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