When a person pisses and throws up on their partner leaving a slight resemblance of applesauce on their chest
Guy 1: So what happened last night?
Guy 2: I totally applesauced my girlfriend
Guy 1: Dude that's AWESOME!
by Johnny Applesauceseed April 16, 2011
When another individual isn't looking you throw the entire contents of their desk onto the floor
John turns and to talk to Stacy
Bob throws the his open binder and lose papers onto the floor
Mrs. E: "Ooooh, you've been applesauced!"
by Honors Biology November 14, 2012
1. An early 90s slang word for "ridiculous" or "nonsense".

2. The ejaculate produced by Apple Inc. fanboys whenever a new apple product comes out, enters the room, or Steve Jobs speaks.
1. The sky is falling? That's just applesauce!

2. Steve Jobs announced the iPad and Mike started blowing applesauce everywhere.
by cupajoe April 6, 2010
1. The sauce made from apples and is mixed in with cinnamon.
2. Apparently the only thing in my best friend's house... Other than noodles.
3. The food moms feed their children when they don't have baby food.
"Applesauce, applesauce, applesauce, applesauce... Unsweetened applesauce..."

"All that was in there was applesauce."

"So then, it's agreed... applesauce.
by Katie Marie Bell October 15, 2011
often mistaken for applausable and vise-versa

1. adj. To describe someone bangable or another word of saying I'd tap that.

2. adj. To describe apples or, in some cases any other type of fruit or vegetable that look particularly good for applesauce.
1. "Damn," Fraser remarked. "Annie is so applesauceable."

2. Flora raided the refrigerator for anything applesauceable that she could put into the pot.
by Anirora July 1, 2010
When you eat applesuace together with someone.
We were just applesaucing together in the shed.

Me and Mary were applesaucing after school today.

I like applesaucing with you at lunch.
by Fibinattchi Alfredo May 4, 2011