The food of choice for losers and their associates. Particularly in sporting events and video games.
You lost! You lost! You ate apple sauce!
by DJ Felony March 02, 2009
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a girl has to shit into a bowl and the guy has to jizz in it and mix it with the guys penis and the girl has to eat it with a spoon
she told me to to make her apple sauce and she puked up shit
by juicy sack January 09, 2009
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Slang for alcohol. For use in situations where the real world shouldn't be revealed.
"make sure to bring the applesauce"
by Brandy Mahell February 06, 2005
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An everyday dessert that goes surprisingly well with butterz.

It's an addiction that forces your entire body to say "mmmmmm."

Applesauce can also be used as an efficient arousal tool.
"mmmm, i love my applesauce." or "Ohh, applesauce gets me hard everytime."
by nk February 09, 2004
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Applesauce is code for LSD.
Person 1: "hey man, what's wrong with you. you look totally out of it."
Person 2: "i just had some applesauce."
Person 1: "ah, that stuff's the shiiiit!"
by Tim Viale May 25, 2009
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A secret "boo" or lover who you deny having (derived from the old school slang definition reffering to something that's nonsense or ridiculous).
(Person one) "hey yo G...there go your applesauce...ain't you gonna halla at her"?
(Person two) "man...ya'll be trippin'...I don't even know that chick"...
by skyeyeimages April 16, 2011
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to find something very easy.
it replaces "a piece of cake"
man, that test was applesauce!
by B__dizzle June 11, 2006
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