An everyday dessert that goes surprisingly well with butterz.

It's an addiction that forces your entire body to say "mmmmmm."

Applesauce can also be used as an efficient arousal tool.
"mmmm, i love my applesauce." or "Ohh, applesauce gets me hard everytime."
by nk February 10, 2004
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A secret "boo" or lover who you deny having (derived from the old school slang definition reffering to something that's nonsense or ridiculous).
(Person one) "hey yo G...there go your applesauce...ain't you gonna halla at her"?
(Person two) "man...ya'll be trippin'...I don't even know that chick"...
by skyeyeimages April 16, 2011
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Anyone who acts like a retard but is not actually mentally retarded
Ethan is such an applesauce boy.
by PápaSmurf December 15, 2017
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A sentence daddy Damon salvatore says in the vampire diares season 8 episode 3 , at 15:57 bcz he needed help from his brother stefan but he cant physically make himself form the words bcz sybil low jacked/altered his brain so whenever he tries to form the words to tell stefan whats going on it just comes out as "applesauce penguin" .
Whenever i try and form the words to tell you whats going on it just comes out applesauce penguin.
by urmom$daughter_ September 27, 2020
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A girl who is slightly (maybe more ) crazy, definitely cringy, hair is always a mess, has giant glasses, likes doing art and special effects, has too many accounts on Social Media, loves penguins and llamas, is way to obsessed with jumping on her trampoline, is NOT a morning person, likes to binge watch a lot of different shows and is really tired in school all the time plus other random pointless details.
Ashley Applesauce is tired right now.
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Every Sunday from 10am-10pm is Applesauce time.Its a time to get some Applesauce and drink it ,eat it ,slurp it what ever you want.Just get that sause.
Priest-bri what are you doing your disterbing service.
Bri-what day is it?
Bri-Now what time is it?
Priest-10:30 am
Bri-Exactly now pass me the Applesauce it's only Applesauce time for 12hours
by Bri🐀-aka: Applesauce lord November 2, 2019
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The swag you acquire when you think you are good at something, but clearly are not. Generally is the douchebag of the group who suffers from SMS (Short Man Syndrome) and just lacks overall rationalization that they really aren't "the shit." Tends to get angry when they suck at something (which is all the time, you would think they would be used to it.) and do irrational things such as break up with a girl or fuck a dude.
by Boozher August 2, 2011
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