When you gotta do something you don't want to do or or something went wrong
Bro you gotta bad score on your test?


Your tight
by Cami_111 April 03, 2017
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Be cool, collected, don’t panic, don’t worry be happy, life is good, things will get better (for example the up and down of dating, work politics, financing issues, personal or group dilemmas, etc.)

Originating from pop singer/songwriter JJMAX’s song “Keep Your Lettuce Tight” released in 2018. JJMAX’s lyrics specifically describe the craziness of dating, but the phrase is used for many situations.
Tom: Hey Noah, what’s wrong?
Noah: My boss is mean and my dog is sick.
Tom: Keep your lettuce tight dude, everything will be okay!
by The Fan November 25, 2018
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To get high, esp. by using marijuana (cannabis).

Also: to get one's head right.

Syn. Take care of head (q.v.)
I'm going to sit out on the patio and chill, but first, I gotta get my head tight.

You just had a long day of work, homie. Before you bother with any other bullshit, I just rolled a blunt, and I'm going to get your head tight.
by Cliff Sedge July 17, 2017
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The person who wants to hide their ethnicity to achieve or get somewhere where ethnic varieties are seldom found and this person would typically step on or over somebody like him to get social status desired Like ice cube explains in Oreo cookie
Look bro you ain't white quit holding your ass tight.
by avgaginggal January 25, 2016
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in reference to a females genital diameter
yo hunny.....your window's mad tight!

see that hooker?....Her windows are NOT tight
by putridsimplicity May 08, 2010
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