feel like: a simultaneous concession of ignorance with an urge to spread some harebrained notion. A telltale indicator of the speaker's rejection of the concepts of personal responsibility and authority. A resident of Fantasyland.
"I feel like examples should be unnecessary."
by ErnstNBlunt May 2, 2018
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When you absolutely getting shit on by your buddies for your shit gameplay but you just hit the nastiest no scope.
Jay: Bro you’re dogshit you literally have no kills
DaddyJ: Dude I’m literally one snipe away from feeling like Trunks
by DaddyJSchmeat February 13, 2022
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When you just feel down about yourself and feel disgusted. See "Feel like crap." Its when nothing matters to you and you donlt care, your also very sad. When you feel like crap, the best thing to do is at the very least go outside and eat some fruit. Nature will at least make you feel a little better, but sitting here at the computer reading this defination is not. One thing to do is to have a nice cold glass of iced tea.
Feel like shit, I hate feeling like shit

Go out side and eat something natural. Go running, do something other then sitting at the computer in some room.
by depressed guy June 20, 2010
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usually when you are coked up, (it varies, depending on the person.) feeling very energetic & feel like you can do about anything.
"Dude after 5 lines, I was feeling like superman."
by Yello River October 11, 2009
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Having a desire for something.
Also the immediate response to a question when you have about zero fucks to give.
Why are you shaving your beard Tom?
Because I feel like it. Now do the god damned dishes.
by Ionme November 7, 2015
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To feel extremely tired, yucky, sick, wore out.
Man, I feel like ass today. Must've been all the stuff I drank last night.
by RavenX May 13, 2003
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Feeling sad, down, stressed, terrible, fed up, depressed
Feeling like crap can be really hard to deal with sometimes, but I'm always here to cheer you up.
by GilKo September 22, 2013
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