The only game on the market that lets you curbstomp people.
-Loserkid: Gears of War is so GAY!
-Cool Kid: You can curbstomp people.
-Loserkid: ...Gears of War is so AWESOME!!
by Dirty Monkey Sex December 5, 2006
The only decent M-rated game that has yet to be flooded by the high-pitched, trash talking, unbearable gaming kids of Xbox Live. The most possible cause is the fact that it is a very vulger game in a good way with large amounts of blood and exploding heads.
Dude 1: Hey man get on some Gears and lets play some horde.
Dude 2: Hell yeah we can do it on public too without dealing with little bitches!

Gears of War is the opposite of Halo 3 and Call of Duty World at War
by Way2dawn August 8, 2009
Originally shipped on the 7th of November 2006, but was not released in places such as Walmart and Target until November 12th, also knows as E-Day.

The game takes place 14 years after E-Day, and you are to finish off the locust hoards by destroying their underground civilization. The game features three difficulty settings: Casual, Hardcore, and Insane. Insane can only be played once you have completed all five acts. Playing through on Casual will take 6-7 hours, Hardcore 8-9 and Insane 10-14.

Gears of War truley thrives in the multiplayer universe. Weather it be playing the campaign online side by side with a friend and nearl;y no lag, to playing a 4v4 warzone match. There are 3 game types to play online in versus (ranked and player matches) and 10 maps. The game types are:
Warzone- One life elimination. Simple.
Assassination- To win, you must kill the enemy leader. The leader the first round is determined by who joined the Locust or CoG team first. If you win, the leader becomes who ever kill the enemy leader. If you lose, the leader transfers over to who ever has the moist points. Also, the leader is the only person who can pick up special weapons.
Execution- In order to die, you must be executed. This can be acomplished by: Sniper headshot, headshot while you are bleeding out, grenade tag, shot gun to the chest, chainsawed, or curbstomped.

Points are determined as follows:
Kills: 20 for normal kill, 25 for execution.
Downs: Putting someone in a bleed out state is worth 10
Revives: Reviving a fallen comrad is worth 10.
Other: Doing high amount of damages and accomplishing multiple active reloads will earn you a small amount of points.

In general, the maps in gears of war are quick and fun. They do happen to be very semetric except for a few, such as elongation. The maps generally have at least 2 power weapons, often a sniper rifle or a boom shot.

The weapons in the game are:
Lancer - Automatic; 60 bullet clip; equiped with chainsaw. Note: Holding B revs the chainsaw, but if shot by anything, it will become unreved.
Snub Pistol - Semi-Auto; Small capacity, but fast reload.
Revolver- Semi-Auto; Powerful, but 6 shot capacity.
Locust's SMG- 3 shot burst; Unless you achieve headshots, very weak.
Shotgun- Pump-action; 8 clip capacity; Poweful only very close. The 'host' also recieves benifits of longer range.
Sniper- Single bullet loading; A single shot to anything but the head/neck puts someone near death, a headshot is an instant kill, and a neckshot puts them down. The sniper is very powerful if mastered, but if jammed when active reloading, it can put you in a lot of danger.
Toruqe Bow- Bow & Arrow; Must be drawn back all the way to be effective. If succesfully implanted into someone, they will explode. Note: If drawn back too long, you will let go.
Hammer of Dawn: Often refered too as the Hammer of Doom; When fired at the ground or a person, a small target will appear. If the laser is kept in the same general area for 2 seconds, a larger laser beam will shoot down from the sky a destroy anything it touches. The laser lasts 3 seconds once is has been shot and can be dragged back and forth. Note: The Hammer of Dawn cannot be used if the area being shot at is underneath something (Hanger, Roof, etc.)
Boomshot- Often refered to as the Rocket Lobber. If fires a single shot that lobs slighty. Often used to replace the shotgun, as the only way to get a kill with it is to kit someone directly.
Smoke Grenades-Self explanitory. You throw it, smoke goes up.
Frag Grenades- Also self explanitory, you throw, it bounces, it explodes. Note: Using the melee button, one can 'tag' the enemy, causing them to explode in a second.

Overall, Gears of War did live up to the hype, and I HIGHLY reccomended it to anyone who likes shooters.
Rafe will own you in Gears of War. No doubt.
by MsgtRafe November 12, 2006
Gears of War, a fictional game created by Epic Games, for the Xbox 360, is some-what like Halo, but a tad different. It is based on Sera, not Earth, and the humans are being killed by the Locusts, who are definitely NOT aliens, however, it is unknown where they came from. (I believe that the Locusts are actually humans mutated by imulsion fumes.)

Imulsion, a fictional liquid in Gears. It is located underneath Sera, and seems similar to lava (only yellow), though what exactly it is, is never explained in the game.

Little is known about the Locusts too. All that's really known is that they look half lizard and half human (without tails).

The COGs (of War), also known as the Gears (of War), are the ones fighting the Locusts. Of course, they're human, and they're being wiped out by the Locusts.

The Carmines are a family of four brothers and a mother. In the first Gears of War, Anthony Carmine dies, and in the second, Benjamin Carmine dies. This has led many people to believe that their will be two more Gears games, one for each of the Carmine brothers.

Clay is most likely the next Carmine. His name is mentioned on Ben Carmine's COG tag collectibles.

Apparently it also believed that one of the Carmines will come back and become Super Carmine and glow blue. Yep.
It is unknown what COG stands for in Gears of War...
by Mawnzter April 24, 2009
A game developed exclusively for the most expensive platform ever created, the Xbox 360. The reason the game is not available for the PS3 is because Epic wanted users to have to pay to play online, even though Microsoft is the one that gets the money. Had Gears of War been made for the PS3, it would NOT require a paid subscription to anything, users would be able to play for FREE.
Rich guy: OOOO! I cant wait to get Gears of War! Then I can give Microsoft even more money for Xbox Live.

Middle class guy: With my PS3, I dont pay a cent, not a cent, for online play.
by God Hates Xboxes December 30, 2009
Gears of War is Microsoft's "ace up their sleeve". Originally planned to be released for the xbox 360 in April of 2006, developers at Epic Games have been taking their sweet time keeping anxious gamers on the edge of their seats. The game runs on the new Unreal Engine 3 and is considered to be a tactical 3rd person shooter where as the focus has shifted from "Run and Gun" to "Stop and Pop", emphasizing the use of cover.

Epic braggs that their game will not stop short of impressing hungry fans and claims to be breaking new ground in videogames with its release sometime winter of 2006
"Oh my god, This carnage is beautiful! Look at the chunks just fly off of his body as my chainsaw tears his flesh! I AM SO BUYING GEARS OF WAR WHEN IT COMES OUT THIS WINTER!"
by Thrills May 19, 2006
Best use of a chainsaw. Ever.
Excited Fan 1: Did you get the new Gears of War ad on the marketplace?
Excited Fan 2: Fuck yes, I can't wait to chainsaw bitches online!
by Wazda November 13, 2006