40 definitions by Ellie

To be extremely high on any type of drug, specifically pot.

Probably comes from: dillium
Me and Lauren went so far down into dilon last night.
by Ellie December 9, 2004
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A woman with an extremely large sized glutious maximus.
Did you see Anna? Damn that girl has a ghetto booty!
by Ellie November 15, 2002
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GOLd!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!
gold!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Ellie January 10, 2005
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A person (male or female) who wears sports makes all the time. Males usually have short or shaved hair, females usually have a huge sticky-out fringe. Charvas like to shout at people different to them and they adopt a strong accent when in groups. Can also be identified by the way they walk: like they have something shoved up their ass. Use the word 'fucking' a lot as well as 'you daft cunt', 'fucking hippy', 'fucking goth' and 'fucking hard'.
Look at that stupid charva, what the fuck is he wearing?
by Ellie August 27, 2003
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stands for sugar- what you call a nice looking guy or girl
A. She's such a suga.
B. That suga over there is some cutie!
by Ellie February 11, 2005
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excited, energetic, happy, hyper, filled with energy.
I was filled with icescram!
by Ellie January 14, 2005
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Also used when immitating scary monsters. Like the one that comes at the of Buffy....
Just randonly say it to your friends, and make your hands into scary claw shapes.... :-p
by Ellie December 1, 2003
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