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A person (male or female) who wears sports makes all the time. Males usually have short or shaved hair, females usually have a huge sticky-out fringe. Charvas like to shout at people different to them and they adopt a strong accent when in groups. Can also be identified by the way they walk: like they have something shoved up their ass. Use the word 'fucking' a lot as well as 'you daft cunt', 'fucking hippy', 'fucking goth' and 'fucking hard'.
Look at that stupid charva, what the fuck is he wearing?
by Ellie August 27, 2003
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a 1920's slang word meaning nonsense
Stop talking that applesauce!
by Ellie December 6, 2004
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Also used when immitating scary monsters. Like the one that comes at the of Buffy....
Just randonly say it to your friends, and make your hands into scary claw shapes.... :-p
by Ellie December 1, 2003
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the type of sex when the woman is over two feet shorter than the man, so, when in misionary position, the man's stomach smooshes the woman's face.
He had basketball sex with her last night.
by Ellie March 10, 2005
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An 'evil genius' laugh.
Like the scientists do in old movies when they discover a new poison or some way to transform somebody into a werewolf or something.
by Ellie February 16, 2004
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someone who's totally hot and has an amazingly nice body and someone who has luscious dick-sucking lips like jar jar binx
wow, that girl is totally binx. id like to get all up in her gravy, yo
by Ellie June 18, 2003
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a small plastic stick filled with goop which glows for about 6 hours. used by ravers and given out at festivals and concerts.
- man i look so cool dancing with my glowstick
- dude let's pour glowstick fluid on us, then we can glow all night!
by Ellie August 27, 2003
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