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1. A homo. A butt pirate.
2. One who enjoys exploring the anus of of another man with his willie.
Ass exlporers have a greatly increased chance of getting HIV.
by t June 29, 2004
sick, just sickter than sick. can be used with sickter rickter.
"dude, your mom was sickter last night."
by t April 1, 2005
eHERF. This is still the act of getting together among other social smokers, but is all done through the Internet and in your own home. A new site called www.eHERF.com started about a month or so ago. They are taking eHERF to the limit by having weekly eHERFs done with Voice over IP. So instead of doing any traveling in can be done in your own home and you can still chat to other eHERFER's.
Yo! Lets get online and do some eHERFing
by t April 24, 2005
my nigga u got any barney
by t March 21, 2005
Had too many vodkas and was blootered pretty quickly.
by t July 15, 2002
Short for 'Can I Be In Beta', often in reference to the constant 'pick me pick me, I'm *qualified*' type questions that spring up on forums and message boards during invite only betas.
person1: yea dev1, I had a really cool desert called blahblah when I went out to dinner tonight. Did you see that sports game on tv too? I watched it from the bar.
person2: I think I am quite qualified to be in the beta...
person3: I want the beta so bad
dev1: yea did you see the part where so and so scored that goal?
Person2: I have helped run a Game server, have a good vid card, good at bug hunting, etc.
person4 hands out CIBIB pins to everyone disrupting things and chasing dev1 off.
by t January 7, 2006