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Someone who gives, or the act of giving/receiving, head.
*Come here girl and give me some mader.
* Look at that mader-head, he's got pink hotpants and fake eyelashes on.
by T March 21, 2005
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very, very cheap condoms
hold on baby... you're crawling with diseases, so i'm gonna put on a lifestyles
by T January 15, 2005
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Modern day musical genius with PIMP beats. His beats are often heard in collaboration with the rap of Tucent.
This is my homeboi lil' b.
by T January 13, 2004
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An animal that is not fictional and exits in Mexico. It is a mix of a Llama and a frog. It is yellow and it's legs are green and slimey and the yellow parts of it are furry. It can sit, stand, and bark occasionaly. It doesn't poop and it likes to parrrrrtay.
Cassie: "Oh my goshness! Look, it is a Llammmmmmmmmmaplazzacheezeit!"
by T February 22, 2005
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A snobbish, well-heeled town in the San Diego city limits overlooking beautiful coastline and boasting amazing beaches. The city that is home implausibly enough to UCSD, and is known for its elitism, pretention, and subtle hostility to all college students and people who are not upper middle class.
That restaurant was so La Jolla. I can't believe they charged me $7 for a piece of toast!
by T December 7, 2003
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without the MkI Toyota Celica Supra, there'd be no piggy MkIII Supras; also the lightest of all Supra generations
by T May 27, 2004
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generally used to describe the second generation of a vehicle
most frequently used to describe the 2nd generation of Toyota Supra
by T May 27, 2004
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